Sleepio is a workplace mental health solution that helps your whole population sleep better, feel happier, and worry less. Sleepio is available via web and mobile and is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. Sleepio has been tested to the highest clinical standards, including the world’s first ever placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial for a digital sleep intervention and the world’s largest ever randomized control trial of a psychological intervention for mental health. The advantage of targeting sleep to improve mental health? It is a destigmatized and highly engaging topic that is relevant to your entire population.

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Castlight + Sleepio

Castlight and Sleepio together help individuals get better, higher quality sleep. Castlight’s health navigation platform targets individuals who may be suffering from a sleep issue with personalized communications on sleep’s importance, a wellness exam to determine if they’re getting enough rest, and sleep programs to help improve their sleep patterns. Together, Sleepio and Castlight can help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, reduce the time spent awake at night and increase energy during the day.

Deep Integrations

Real-time two-way data exchange with SSO

Sleepio is connected to the Castlight platform via a deep, data exchange integration. As users engage with Sleepio, they earn points in Castlight for completing specific micro-actions, like logging a sleep diary, which also helps power Castlight's personalized recommendations. Example micro-actions are shown.

Employees can learn about Sleepio through a quick, informative video.
Employees can gain insight into their sleep by logging a sleep diary.
Employees can take a quick quiz to discover their sleep score.

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