Zipongo changes eating behavior to improve your population's health, happiness, and productivity. Zipongo does this with a personalized digital nutrition platform that creates a healthy, sustainable food environment and drives healthy habits around every eating decision - at home, at work, and on-the-go. Tools include the NutriQuiz, meal planning, grocery and meal kit ordering, grocery deals, restaurant menu guidance, and restaurant ordering; all are personalized to drive engagement and proven outcomes. Zipongo is easy to implement for your entire population within your existing offering.

Hear from Our Partner

Castlight + Zipongo

Castlight and Zipongo together help employees improve their nutrition and overall health by instilling healthful and joyful habits in everyday situations. Castlight’s health navigation platform promotes Zipongo to an entire population so each employee can benefit from improved decision-making, recipe and cooking recommendations, and better habit development. Together, Zipongo and Castlight can help better engage employees in actively making healthy choices.

Deep Integrations

Real-time two-way data exchange with SSO

Zipongo is connected to the Castlight platform via a deep, data exchange integration. As users engage with Zipongo, they earn points in Castlight for completing specific actions, like trying out a new recipe or taking a nutrition quiz.

Employees can earn points for experimenting with new, inventive recipes.
Employees can get access to shopping lists and order their groceries based on Zipongo recipes, so they always have the needed ingredients conveniently on hand.
Employees can earn points and rewards for assessing their nutritional habits on NutriQuiz and improving over time.

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