1000+ integrations and counting

Castlight connects with thousands of health vendors, benefits resources, and plan designs. Through our partner ecosystem, you can purchase pre-integrated vendors on a single contract. But you're not limited to our ecosystem—we can create truly seamless user experiences with nearly any vendor, utilizing our flexible integration architecture.



100s of data elements that drive personalization

Castlight builds an individualized health navigation experience for each employee based on their unique health needs. Our personalization engine securely analyzes claims data, HRA data, biometric data, and more to develop the most accurate picture possible.


4 distinct communication channels

Castlight reaches out with personalized communications over four channels: email, in-app, push notifications, and phone. We meet users where they are with messages that are timely, easy-to-understand, and personally relevant—key ingredients to driving action.

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> 2X improvement in engagement

Castlight motivates users to participate in health programs, optimize care utilization, and improve their daily habits, utilizing a combination of rewards, behavioral science, and best-in-class product design.

Find the right Castlight solution for you

We have three distinct solutions that address the top benefits challenges faced by employers.