My Career

“Own your careers by exploring opportunities within Castlight. You are encouraged and empowered to develop skills, try new roles, and determine your personal growth paths. Please take advantage of the variety of career development tools and options we offer.”

Maeve O'Meara, CEO

We are here to help you grow.


Your role is to communicate with your manager and drive self-assessment, planning, and follow-through on agreed-upon development activities.

Your Manager

Your manager's role is to support you to reach your full potential at Castlight. Your manager will assist with growth development by coaching and helping you navigate the organization's business needs and priorities.


Castlight Health is here to support the partnership between you and your manager by creating an environment in which everyone can do their best work.

Follow your passion. Take the next step.


Search for jobs that interest you on the Internal Career Center.

Manager Approval

Discuss this interest with your manager and obtain approval to explore new opportunities.

Career Mobility Consultation

The recruiter will confirm transfer eligibility, review position qualifications, and answer your career mobility questions. Recruiter will inform your first- and second-level manager for visibility. However, should a hiring manager decide to talk to an employee, he/she must inform the employee’s manager and the recruiter.


Apply via Jobvite if you meet the minimum position qualifications.

Recruiter Review

Recruiter will review your resume and interview you to assess fit.

Hiring Manager Interview

Interview with the hiring manager and other team members if you are among the shortlisted candidates.


A transfer date is agreed upon between the incoming and outgoing managers, and a written offer is presented.


Upon acceptance of an offer, transfer should happen within a reasonable timeframe to ensure business continuity.

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