The 2019 Resilience at Work Conference

Resilience is the ability of individuals and teams to experience well-being while learning from and adapting to change, adversity, setbacks, and new market demands which are inherent in organizations responding to diverse social and economic environments. Rapid changes and volatility are the norm in work environments, therefore, resilient mindsets support individuals to navigate those changes and experience both improved individual well-being and performance, and improved business performance.

Some of the topics to be covered include (partial listing):

  • The Well-Way: How to Achieve High Engagement and Performance by Leading with Wellbeing at the Forefront
  • A Resilience Ecosystem: Partnering Across the Organization to Benefit a Global Workforce
  • Resiliency; Me to We
  • The Energy of Purpose-driven Leadership: Drivers of Individual and Team Performance
  • Human and Digital: The Digital Age and the Importance of Human Connection
  • Mental Health on the Horizon: Strategies and Lessons Learned from a Global Manufacturing Perspective
  • Wellbeing Leadership: Fostering Whole-Person Leadership, from the Inside Out
  • Big Picture: Well-being Strategy Means Overall Workforce
  • Resilience Through Crisis: Leading Through Your Organization’s Greatest Challenge

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