Activision Blizzard Increases Participation in Pregnancy Program with Castlight


  • Activision Blizzard increased pregnancy program engagement by 3x using Jiff, now part of Castlight.
  • Ovia identified 30% of Activision Blizzard users as high-risk and monitored them through pregnancy.
  • One user was identified as having symptoms of a life-threatening condition and was referred to her physician.

Through Jiff, Activision Blizzard users are the most active users on the Ovia Health Solution.

–Paris Wallace, CEO at Ovuline


Activision Blizzard—the world’s most successful standalone interactive entertainment company, based in Santa Monica, CA—was named to Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For two years in a row, 2015 and 2016, with specific attention called to their investment in employee health and wellbeing.

A major factor contributing to this accolade was Activision Blizzard’s 2014 rollout of a Jiff-powered wellbeing program that rewards employees for engaging in healthy activities (including fitness, nutrition, and sleep tracking, as well as utilizing brain health and price transparency tools).

The Challenge: Identifying High Risk Pregnancies

Despite the advanced state of their employee wellbeing programs, Activision Blizzard continued to struggle with low participation in their traditional, health insurance sponsored, pregnancy program and with the rising healthcare costs associated with high-risk pregnancies.

This is not an anomaly in the U.S.

While employers continue to be challenged with issues of sensitivity and privacy during pregnancies, we see more than 10% of all employer healthcare costs tied to maternity services.

In an effort to address this major cost driver, Activision Blizzard engaged their pregnant population in a comprehensive pregnancy program to help identify and manage high-risk pregnancies earlier, while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of their workers and families.

Jiff’s Approach

Jiff focused on three areas to drive engagement:

1. Seamless Integration with a Consumer Tested Solution—Ovia Health

Activision Blizzard selected Ovia Health to replace its insurer-provided maternity program, due to the popularity of the Ovia mobile apps and the comprehensive services they provide—such as health tracking and personalized content. The Ovia apps have more than 4 million users, making them a widely embraced consumer solution.

Ovia Health’s mission is to empower employees to make less costly and healthier decisions and avoid expensive infertility treatments by helping employees conceive naturally.

Ovia Health builds on Ovia’s apps by integrating with existing employer benefits and resources, personalizing fertility and maternity health information for employees, and providing digital coaching services to help manage both low and high-risk pregnancies.

After integrating Ovia Health into the Jiff ecosystem, Activision Blizzard employees accessed the Ovia Health services and earned up to $1 per day for tracking their pregnancies, all though the Jiff app—in the same place where employees could also access other health programs such as price transparency, fitness tracking, and brain health.

  Pregnancy program seamlessly integrated alongside other wellbeing programs

2. Reaching Employees and Their Spouses

Many employers have trouble engaging spouses in employee health programs. They often lack direct contact information for spouses, and must hope they hear about employee health programs through their partners, if they are even eligible.

In the case of Activision Blizzard, their young and predominantly male (83% male) employee population demanded high engagement from both workers and spouses.

Without emails for most spouses, and traditional mail campaigns falling short, Activision Blizzard had historically struggled to reach a large contingent of the pregnant population on their health plan.

Jiff successfully reached and engaged spouses in the Ovia Pregnancy App, part of the Ovia Health Solution, through:

  • Personalized Invitations: Employees had the opportunity to invite their spouse directly through the Jiff App.
  • Equivalent Incentives: Employees and spouses were equally incentivized.
  • Engaging Already Active Spouse-Users: Because many spouses were already participating in the wellbeing program, Jiff had their email addresses and the ability to run a robust email marketing campaign.

Employees could invite spouses directly through the app

3. Ensuring Employee Privacy and Trust

When it comes to pregnancies, it is critical to protect the privacy of employees’ family planning decisions. Employees don’t want to tell their bosses they are pregnant and employers are sensitive about trying to reach out to pregnant employees. Consequently, employees are left unaware of the resources available to them, employers feel handcuffed from supporting their population on the maternity journey, and resource utilization is low.

That is why respecting the privacy of their pregnant population was of utmost importance to the team at Activision Blizzard.

Jiff’s platform architecture is set up to protect private employee information from their employers. In fact, all data Jiff collects is de-identified and hidden so that an employer does not know which specific individuals are participating in which program. Even with this privacy barrier, Jiff can still administer highly effective and personalized incentives to engage workers and spouses.

Jiff’s exquisitely careful approach allowed employees to feel more comfortable with tracking their pregnancies and empowered Activision Blizzard to incentivize a behavior that was beneficial both for their budget, and for the health of their population.


In the first five months after launch, 57% of pregnant employees and spouses at Activision Blizzard had enrolled in the Ovia Health’s Pregnancy Program—a 3.0x increase from their previous program, which was not run on Jiff’s Platform or through Ovia Health. 

On average, these users had 48 sessions in the app per month and shared over 128 health data points, making them “the most active users on the Ovia Health solution,” according to Paris Wallace, CEO at Ovuline, makers of the Ovia apps and Ovia Health.

Ovia identified 30% of Activision Blizzard users as high-risk and monitored them through pregnancy. Ovia monitored users through the information they entered within the Ovia Health apps. Based on this information, Ovia Health delivered personalized health alerts when signs or symptoms of critical issues arose based on an employee’s health risks. Additionally, one user was identified as having symptoms of a life-threatening condition and was referred to her physician.

Ultimately, the seamless integration of Ovia Health into the Jiff platform allowed Activision Blizzard to reach their pregnant population in a respectful way and accomplish their goal of identifying high-risk pregnancies earlier.

Activision Blizzard’s continued investment in health and wellbeing contributed to Fortune Magazine selecting them as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For two years in a row (2015 and 2016).

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