Akamai Increases Biometric Screening Rates With Jiff


Akamai increased biometric screening completion rate by 2.5x using Jiff Incentives.


Akamai, a leading cloud technology provider, headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., implemented its first biometric screening program in January 2014. This was the first time Akamai’s human resource team had conducted any such health promotion initiative, and as such, they initially targeted their two largest locations — Cambridge and Santa Clara, Calif.

The program’s primary goals were to increase healthy behaviors, raise awareness of individual health indicators, and then use rolled-up outcomes data to customize future programs. Akamai’s HR team sent information regarding the program via a Benefits Blast — a monthly newsletter — to drive awareness. And to further encourage participation, employees were offered an incentive for completing biometric screenings: automatic entry into a raffle.

When the program was complete, the HR team reviewed the results and determined that a small but encouraging number of employees had participated.

This first attempt by Akamai showed commitment to creating a healthy workforce. But going into 2015, Akamai wanted to find ways to better engage their employee population and to expand the reach of the program — in a scalable manner — to all office locations.

Opportunities for Improvement

Akamai identified three main issues they hoped to improve in their biometric screening program:

  • Awareness. The initial marketing campaign to drive awareness was effective but limited. Despite the monthly Benefits Blasts, more could still be done to communicate about the screenings.
  • Convenience. Appointment scheduling was cumbersome, both for employees and for HR. Employees could schedule appointments online from their desktop, but it was a multi-step process. Additionally many employees chose to get screenings outside of the program, which made it difficult for Akamai’s HR team to track who had completed the screenings.
  • Motivation. The only reward for completing the program was entry into a raffle, which did not excite all employees universally.

The Solution

Akamai implemented Jiff Incentives for other health programs in January 2015 and saw an opportunity to use the platform for biometric screenings. To support this goal, Jiff integrated BioIQ into its platform, a health screening technology solution. Together, Jiff and BioIQ partnered with Maxim — a provider of healthcare staffing and medical services — to administer the tests. Jiff collaborated closely with these partners to streamline the user experience around biometric screenings.

The combined teams focused on three key components of the user experience in order to maximize engagement:

1. Appointment Scheduling

Jiff worked with BioIQ and Maxim to build a seamless, end-to-end solution for biometric screening. Jiff knew that the fewer steps to make an appointment, the better. In fact, each added step would complicate the user experience and contribute to attrition, abandonment, and lower satisfaction.

Jiff devised a system where an employee could register, be on-boarded, schedule an appointment, complete the appointment, view results online, earn and redeem incentives in a simple user interface. Accomplishing such a feat is easier said than done, but ultimately depends on two factors: religiously simple design and single sign-on functionality — or the ability to log-into a third-party app without re-entering username credentials.

It’s important to note that the workflows Jiff devised with BioIQ didn’t exist previously for either partner. Jiff worked closely with BioIQ to build an entirely new user experience that brought together the best aspects of both teams, which included Jiff’s distinctive capabilities in design, personalization, incentives, and analytics.

This new workflow now represents a standard best-practice user-interface that is used for all biometric screening programs.

2. Personalized Incentives

Jiff worked with Akamai’s HR team to design more compelling incentives, and then integrated them seamlessly into the user experience.

First, employees were provided with the ability to choose their own reward. Jiff has found that employees engage significantly more when given the opportunity to select their own prizes. So rather than offering everyone a raffle ticket with a grand prize, the incentives were structured on a point system. Employees who completed the screening received 1,250 points to be redeemed for a prize of their choice (valued at around $50) in the Rewards Center — such as gift cards and direct rewards.

Second, Jiff incorporated the incentives experience directly into the same workflow as the biometric screening app. For employees, the ability to schedule an appointment, see test results, track points, and redeem points for a prize — all in one place, was a huge engagement driver. It dramatically shortened the lag time between behavior and reward, which is critical to the success of any incentive program.

3. Internal Marketing Campaign

Jiff’s in-house creative team designed impactful promotional materials for the program, which helped drive widespread awareness and interest in the program. The materials included posters that were highly visible and customized to Akamai’s brand, as well as email templates and other digital collateral.

Then, starting in May 2015, Jiff launched a two-pronged digital marketing campaign that used these creative assets. First, Jiff deployed an email drip campaign to all employees, with emails spaced out over the course of many weeks, so as not to overwhelm inboxes. Second, Jiff sent out mobile push notifications to existing users of the Incentives app. Together, these initiatives created buzz and excitement around the screening program.

The Result

By using Jiff’s enterprise benefits platform, Akamai was able leverage the power of customized communications, a seamless user experience, and personalized incentives to increase the biometric screening completion rate for the employee population by 2.5x.

The success of this program helped Akamai reinforce a culture of healthy behaviors in their employee population. Akamai’s HR team received an internal award from their senior leadership for implementing such successful corporate health programs.

“The Jiff program has not only been instrumental in driving healthy behaviors at Akamai, but in essence, it has created a branded Akamai experience. By working together with Jiff to launch this program, Akamai has not only furthered the company’s benefits offerings, but it’s also building its culture.”

— Julie Paris, Akamai Wellness Programs Specialist

Now, Akamai has greater confidence that their investments in biometric screening programs will foster a healthier workforce, spur engagement in future programs, and ultimately lower healthcare costs.  And due to this experience, Akamai plans to continue using the Jiff platform to engage even more employees in future health initiatives.



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