The U.S. Healthcare Affordability Index

The affordability crisis takes hold of the U.S.'s top cities

This interactive map visualizes the rising cost of healthcare compared to wage growth in 35 U.S. metropolitan areas. We analyzed YOY trend reporting to calculate an index score representing local healthcare costs in relation to local wages. An index score of 50 marks the threshold between affordable and unaffordable.
In affordable cities (scores 50 and above), wage growth and healthcare costs balance out, or wage growth surpasses any increases in health care costs; unaffordable cities (scores below 50) experience rising costs that outstrip any income growth.

While wages across the country remain stagnant, the cost of healthcare continues to rise.


Source: Castlight Health. Castlight provides reporting to its customers and this analysis is based on that reporting data, aggregated at the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level.