Digital health is booming—so why is engagement failing?

More than ever, employers and payers offer an abundance of programs and services designed to help members manage their health—but with more options comes greater complexity.

The result? Low engagement and limited ability to impact outcomes and costs.




Of employees don’t
understand their benefits




Of employees make use of their benefits




Of employees want help understanding and navigating their benefits

Many claim to solve the engagement issue—but none have done so effectively

Failure to meet members through their channel of choice

Many vendors offer either phone-led concierge service or a digital self-serve experience—but your people need both.

Limited visibility and stunted guidance

Without rich provider, member, and benefits eligibility data, it’s impossible to guide your people to the highest-value care and programs for them.

Disruptive to payer relationships

Concierge vendors often require extensive carve-outs, creating friction for you and your members.

Lack of engagement for all

Too many solutions fail to engage your full population, whether they’re healthy, managing a condition, or seeking care.

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Castlight Health was founded on the promise to make it as easy as possible for people to navigate the healthcare system and live happier, healthier, more productive lives. Today, we work with America’s largest employers and health plans to improve the healthcare experience for millions of covered lives.

We are pioneers in health navigation

For over a decade, we’ve been developing high-touch services and digital technologies to help people navigate the complex healthcare environment more easily.

Serving America’s largest, most complex employers and health plans

Proudly partnering with Fortune 500 companies and leading health plans to drive more engagement, better outcomes, and savings for diverse, complex populations at scale.

Built on the most robust data and advanced personalization in the industry

We’ve spent over 10 years aggregating data, building integrations, and honing our machine learning algorithms. This foundation of data and technology powers an unmatched digital and high-touch navigation experience for millions of members.

Net Promoter Score

Deliver an outstanding experience



Increase in utilization

Increase engagement with programs that matter



Reduction in ER visits

Improve health outcomes



Lower medical spend trend year-over-year

Bend the healthcare cost curve

Representing America’s largest employers and health plans across 30 industries

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