Castlight Complete

Comprehensive health navigation helps employees improve their health journey, whether they are healthy, managing a condition or actively seeking medical care.

  • One central resource for all of your benefits

    Make it easy for employees to find, access and use their benefits with one single platform.

  • Highly configurable and company-specific

    Customize the platforms’ look and feel to make the app right for your population.

  • Data-driven, personalized user experience

    Deliver tailored health recommendations — including both programs and content — at just the right time.

Care Guidance Navigator

Castlight Care Guidance allows you to empower employees to make better healthcare decisions, demystify available benefits, and engage in the right programs at the right time.

  • Guide to the best care options

    Meets employees where they are by providing the most relevant care options– from providers to programs and educational content.

  • Clarity of provider cost and quality

    Powered by an extensive data set of medical claims, benefit designs, and provider quality.

  • Reduce overall medical spend

    Equip employees with real price estimates to make cost-effective decisions.

Wellbeing Navigator

Wellbeing Navigator engages your entire population with a personalized, consumer-grade experience. Instantly connect employees to the enterprise vendors you already offer, best-of-breed partners from our Ecosystem, and apps and wearables employees use every day.

  • Claims-driven personalization

    Guide employees to the right resources, at the right time — powered by Castlight Genius.

  • Sustain employee engagement

    Configurable incentives and rewards designs, social feeds, and challenges keep employees engaged with their health goals.

  • Deep integrations for a seamless experience

    Third-party integrations create a seamless experience with vendors you already work with and Castlight Ecosystem partners.

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