Redefine your employee health experience.


Instantly connect your population to a comprehensive suite of digital health and wellness solutions—ranging from the enterprise vendors you already manage, to best-of-breed partners from our ecosystem, to the apps and wearables your employees use every day.

  • Increase participation

    Drive higher engagement in your core wellness programs.

  • Drive behavior change

    Encourage healthy habits by breaking up big goals into smaller, more achievable actions.

  • Address the whole person

    Support every aspect of wellbeing, including healthy minds, bodies, and wallets.

  • Maximize incentive impact

    Take advantage of the latest in behavior psychology and game mechanics.

Engagement Hub

Connect with your employees in a whole new way. Utilize mobile and web-based applications, email, push notifications, and more to target specific employees—based on their unique profile—with action-oriented messages.

  • Reach employees where they are

    Communicate across multiple channels to reach employees at work, on the road, or at home.

  • Target specific groups

    Tailor messages to population segments defined by specific disease states or needs.

  • Close gaps in care

    Find employees with unmet needs and connect them with the right care, fast.

  • Inspire action

    Leverage a field-tested message library that has delivered breakthrough improvements in response rate and engagement.

Care Guidance

Arm your employees with a virtual assistant to drive better healthcare decisions, powered by an extensive data set of medical claims, benefit designs, and provider quality. Intercept employees that are seeking care, and guide them to higher quality, lower cost options.

  • Intercept critical moments

    Alert employees before they make poor care decisions that can be costly to their health and their finances.

  • Steer to appropriate resources

    Promote utilization of the right providers, right benefits, and right care to better align your employees needs and your strategy.

  • Empower employees

    Provide your employees with the knowledge, tools, and assistance they need to be smarter consumers of healthcare.

  • A human touch

    Make the fragmented healthcare system easier, friendlier, and more understandable through our concierge services.

Health Navigation

All of our solutions combine to improve the employee experience across the entire health journey. Guide your employees to take steps towards better health, whether they are healthy, managing a condition, or actively seeking medical care.

  • Bring it all together

    Every health resource, tool, and benefit—all in one place.

  • A path for everyone

    Personalized journeys that clearly show employees their “next step” towards better health.

  • Better decisions, big and small

    Healthier living, better disease management, and smarter choices around care and coverage.

  • A future-proof foundation

    A highly scalable and configurable platform designed to meet your changing needs.

  • Experience
  • Configurations
  • Ecosystem
  • Data
  • Users

    All built on one foundation

    The Castlight Platform

    The Castlight platform architecture is modular and flexible:

    • Experience

      A best-in-class digital application for your employees, aligned to your company’s benefit programs and goals, and personalized for each individual.

    • Configurations

      A system for assembling your own comprehensive employee health experience, with a wide range of configurable features.

    • Ecosystem

      The ability to purchase and deploy employer-sponsored health and wellness solutions, as well as consumer apps and devices.

    • Data

      Access to an expansive dataset including medical claims, plan designs, health risk, and wellness activity, all of which can be used to drive personalization and insights.