Benefit Consultants


How Castlight partners with benefit consultants

At Castlight, we know it takes the right strategy and partnerships to help organizations make the most of their benefits and wellness plans. That’s why we work closely with benefits consultants to enable our mutual customers to improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs and increase benefits engagement and satisfaction.

The Castlight health navigation platform delivers three distinct solutions that address the top benefits challenges faced by today’s employers - whether they are looking to increase the wellbeing of their population, help employees better navigate care or simply looking to more effectively communicate the plans available Bring these solutions together with the expertise of benefits consultants, we can deliver the most powerful navigation experience in the industry.


Engagement Hub

Care Guidance

Why benefit consultants recommend Castlight to clients

Deepen Relationships

Your access to customized dashboards and real-time analytics empowers you with unique insights to help you make the best recommendations for your clients. No longer will you need to wait months or years to determine whether your strategies are taking hold. Real time insights and dashboards track and monitor your clients population on a daily basis.

Expand Offerings

Through Castlight’s extensive ecosystem of partner programs, you can significantly expand your health and benefits vendor offerings with fully vetted, best-of-breed programs.

Drive Engagement

Implementing Castlight not only allows you to offer a single vendor contact for your recommended health and wellness programs, it will also increase engagement across those programs.

Deliver Value

Castlight is helping over 250 leading companies, including 15% of the F500, to reduce medical spend and drive engagement in programs that deliver value. Further, by doing so via a unique and engaging user experience, we increase overall satisfaction with the employee benefit plan and help to drive organizational effectiveness.

Through your Castlight relationship, your clients will receive competitive  pricing, dedicated training, and account management support.

Working with Castlight creates savings for your clients, deepens insights into client needs with a rich sources of data, and expands your clients’ benefits offerings through our ecosystem of solutions.