4 Ways To Make Rewards More Rewarding

When it comes to building successful health programs that resonate with employees, the “if we build it, they will come” approach will not work. The best health programs combine financial rewards (extrinsic motivation), with social support and public recognition, which together contribute to intrinsic motivation.

In Jiff’s whitepaper, “The Psychology of Rewards: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Incentives Budget to Improve Health,” we reviewed various incentive models to find the most effective methods to encourage employees to modify their behaviors for better health.

Here are four strategies that will help to magnify the value of rewards as well as improve engagement in employee health programs, without increasing your incentives budget:

1.) Drive That Competitive Spirit

Encourage healthy competition around the reward by creating leaderboards, team-based competitions and events. Holding small competitive events and conspicuously displaying the results will make the rewards more appealing to employees.

2.) Put Your Executives Front and Center

Involve the senior leadership team in promoting the health program. They can attend key events, star in promotional videos and hand out awards to the top employees. Involvement from senior leaders sends a clear message to employees that improving employee health is a priority for the company.

3.) Hold Special Recognition Events

Build events and celebrations around employees that receive rewards. Create specific recognition events, such as a small party or award ceremony in the office, or recognize winners during all-hands meetings. This level of recognition will show that the company values employee health and wants to publicly recognize employees that strive to meet these goals individually or as a team.

4.) Give Employees a Reason to Brag

Having a symbol, such as at trophy to display, or even renaming a conference room will not only spur competition, but also provide bragging rights to the winning team or individual until it’s time to pass it on. What’s more, the prospect of displaying a trophy proudly and creating an event to bestow this trophy or totem on the winning team can be a big draw for users.

Building social value through recognition and support around employee health programs is a great way to spur adoption and user engagement, which ultimately can increase healthy behaviors.

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