February 23, 2016

New Agreement Powers 24/7 Access to Online and Mobile Behavioral Health and Wellness Tools via the Castlight Platform for Millions of Potential Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO and DENVER – Castlight Health, Inc., a leading health benefits platform provider, and myStrength, Inc., a recognized leader in computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT), announced an agreement to integrate myStrength’s CCBT as a value added offering into Castlight’s behavioral health solution Elevate. Castlight Elevate helps employees working through conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, insomnia, and stress. myStrength is one of the most recent and deepest integrations into the Castlight platform providing a seamless connection to the full myStrength digital health solution.

More than 70 million Americans battle depression and anxiety each year, according to the National Institute of Health. While one in four people struggle with behavioral health challenges, nearly 70 percent do not receive effective care, due to cost, stigma, and access. As an example of the access barrier, 55% of counties in the United States do not have a single social worker, psychiatrist or therapist. The lack of care directly results in poorer quality of life and greater risk of disease. The alliance between Castlight and myStrength seeks to address these challenges and transform access to behavioral healthcare.

Castlight Elevate breaks down the barriers to behavioral health treatment by enabling employees to research behavioral health services, make educated treatment choices, and begin care all through a personalized platform. myStrength is a value added offering to Elevate, integrating its CCBT technology, accessibility, and evidence-based care into the Castlight platform.

Castlight Elevate helps employees working through behavioral health conditions or triggers such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, insomnia, and stress, and does this while maintaining complete user confidentiality with compliance to all HIPAA security and administrative protocols governing personal health information (PHI). Elevate identifies employee populations leveraging the unique dataset enabled by the Castlight platform that may benefit from behavioral health support and delivers personalized recommendations, including interactive, self-care resources like myStrength.

myStrength offers individuals clinically proven behavioral health help in the form of computerized cognitive behavioral therapy with secure access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This accessible and secure tool is an ideal adjunct to therapy, treatment extender and preventative wellness tool particularly where needed help is unavailable. myStrength also offers applications to help individuals better manage and improve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and substance use disorder. Resources are delivered via therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness acceptance, and motivational interviewing. Additionally, self-selected inspirational, wellness, and spiritual options increase personal relevance, improve outcomes and focus on total well-being.

“At Castlight, we believe that access to behavioral healthcare is fundamental to an employee’s well-being, and we are committed to providing the best solution to help connect people with the care they need. Working with myStrength has enabled us to bridge access to behavioral healthcare through evidence-based and innovative technology that is cost effective and accessible by employees whenever they need support, wherever their location,” said Meena Ramachandran, senior director of product management at Castlight Health.

“We are thrilled to collaborate on an integrated solution within Castlight Elevate and expand employees’ access to behavioral health solutions,” said Scott R. Cousino, myStrength’s chief executive officer. “Castlight is a wonderfully innovative company, with a talented group of individuals who share a similar passion for extending behavioral healthcare access through technology.”

About Castlight Health

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About myStrength

myStrength, Inc., The Health Club For Your Mind™ is a recognized leader in digital mental health. myStrength enhances traditional care, delivering effective mental health resources at scale. Healthcare payers and providers across the US have adopted myStrength to improve wellness programs, extend behavioral health services and expand chronic care support. myStrength uniquely delivers evidence based, self-management technology to extend access, improve outcomes and lower the cost of care. For more information about myStrength, please visit and follow us @mystrenghbh.


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