Get to Know the Castlight Interns: Molly Zhai

Posted October 10th 2016 by Samantha Cook

Continuing our series, Molly Zhai is featured this week! Let’s meet this Canadian Engineering Intern who joined our Web Apps team!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Molly, and I’m a rising senior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and have a background in visual art and music. My interests include playing video games, trying new food, and going on long walks to catch Pokemon. I’m also a huge animal lover.

What have you gotten out of your experience with Castlight this summer?

For starters, I got two t-shirts, a backpack, and a water bottle. Seriously though, the experience of working with a team on a live and frequently updated product has been eye-opening!

Having only worked at UC Berkeley before, my Castlight internship represents the first time that I feel part of a bigger project that influences millions of people. This comes with ups such as when I made something that got featured on our app’s home page and downs like the time I worked on a code change that resulted in multiple bugs.

I personally love the added gratification I get from working on a product I believe in, something which I don’t get from doing homework. Through this experience, I have also gained new friendships and more confidence in myself and my ability to work with others in a professional setting.

How would you break down your role at Castlight for a non-tech savvy pal?

Other people at Castlight tell me what kind of improvements they want to make on our web (desktop) application. Then, I sit at a computer and tap at the keyboard to make it happen!

What advice would you give to someone looking to intern in the health tech space?

Learn about what the company does, and what the culture is like! There are some great mission-driven companies in health tech. Part of the reason why I love this job, Castlight, and all my coworkers so much is because I feel like I fit in with the culture. The fact that everyone is driven by their belief in our mission definitely helps!

If you were a Disney character, what animal sidekick would you choose and why?

A hypoallergenic kitten. The world can be tough sometimes and it would be fun to brighten everyone’s day a little (without making them sneeze uncontrollably)!

Want to learn more about how to join our Castlight family? We would love to give you more information on what a job on our team could look like — check it out!

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