Castlight for Health Plans

A personalized front door for health and wellbeing that your members will love

Drive member engagement and outcomes with a spectrum of high-tech and high-touch capabilities


Engage every member with a digital home for health that brings benefits, programs, and care navigation tools into one secure location for a simple, delightful experience.


Meet members on their terms with a flexible high-touch offering. Empower your Clinical & Health Services teams with our technology or work with our clinician-led team of experts to build trusted relationships with members and their families.

Support a seamless digital experience with integrated, customizable high-tech capabilities

Universal platform

Transparency & steerage

Program integrations

Personalized experience

Engagement levers

Universal platform

Deliver a cohesive member experience with a white-labeled digital front door.
Consolidate your programs, assets, and third-party resources in one location for your members.
Support carve-outs and non-medically enrolled populations.

Transparency & steerage

Exceed regulatory requirements with a transparency solution powered by industry-leading intelligence.
Steer to high-value care with provider cost, quality, efficiency, location, and patient ratings data.
Incorporate advanced plan designs like high-performance networks (HPNs), centers of excellence (COEs), and onsite clinics.
Help members find and schedule appointments with curated virtual and in-person providers.

Program integrations

Help your clients and members easily manage and adopt proven digital health programs.
Implement third-party vendors at scale with 250+ pre-built integrations that support real-time, two-way data exchange.
Support preferred partners through API, SSO, flat files, and embedded platform integration capabilities.

Personalized member experience

Rapidly understand member needs and prioritize next best actions based on robust and diverse data sets.
Engage your full population, including those who experience barriers to care, with proactive, targeted recommendations.
Integrate your rules with Castlight’s and Truven/IBM Watson’s algorithms to deploy personalized experiences.

Engagement levers

Support member wellbeing throughout the health journey, whether they’re working to stay active, managing a condition, or seeking care.
Motivate the right behaviors with a robust wellbeing solution that includes incentives, challenges, community offerings, and more.

Enhance your member services with a flexible high-touch offering

Empower your member services team with our technology or work with our clinician-led team of clinical and benefits experts. Together, we can connect your members to the programs and care they need.

One-on-one, data-informed guidance

Guide your members to high-quality, cost-effective providers, specialists, labs, and facilities with industry-leading cost and quality intelligence to inform member interactions.

Tailored communications

Increase utilization of relevant programs with proactive, targeted communications to members through their preferred channel, whether text, email, phone, or chat.

Proactive outreach to close gaps in care

Leverage claims, clinical outcomes, user behavior, and socioeconomic data to identify barriers to care or gaps in care. Prioritize outreach to members who need the most support.

Expert, whole person support

Data and clinical expertise to support your members with behavioral health, medication management, billing, reimbursement, ER avoidance, and more.

Earning the trust of organizations

An approach to privacy and security designed to protect you and your members

Our comprehensive foundational security framework is validated by robust compliance programs and has a targeted focus on modern threat management.

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