High-tech and high-touch navigation built for your people to stay healthy, engaged, and productive

Digital when they want it, human when they need it—guiding your people along their health and wellbeing journeys every step of the way

Deep personalization

Guidance to care

Comprehensive ecosystem

Holistic wellbeing

Personalize your employees’ experience

By combining medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, and dental claims with clinical outcomes, user behavior, and socioeconomic data, we create a 360º view of each member.
Leveraging rich member data, we provide proactive recommendations for care, programs, and educational content tailored to each unique healthy journey.
Our team of clinician-led experts leverages the same intelligence that powers our digital platform so your employees receive the same curated experience however they engage.

Guide employees to high-value care

Powered by industry-leading intelligence, we connect your employees with high-value, in-network medical, dental, and behavioral health providers who have a history of achieving the best possible outcomes.
Provider recommendations are curated to match individual clinical needs, geography, plan coverage, and employer-preferred networks across virtual and in-person options.
We anticipate care needs and proactively guide your people to make better healthcare decisions, whether closing gaps in care, connecting with a provider, or finding alternatives to the ER.

Connect your digital health ecosystem

Simplify vendor management by easily procuring and deploying best-in-breed digital health programs and virtual care solutions through Castlight.
Help your people connect with programs through personalized recommendations based on individual clinical needs, health goals, and benefits eligibility.
Drive better program engagement with pre-built integrations supporting real-time, two-way data exchange.
Access analytics to gain rich insight into engagement across your population, identify highly utilized benefits, and see results.

Integrate holistic wellbeing

Bring your organization’s culture of health to life with physical, social, behavioral, and financial wellbeing integrated in a single experience.
Activate your population with daily wellbeing engagement, including activity tracking, healthy habits, team challenges, community forums, and incentives.
Whether they’re working to lose weight, manage stress, or save for retirement, our team of Care Guides can help those who need a little extra support to achieve their wellbeing goals.

High-touch powered by high-tech

Care Guides are clinical and benefits experts equipped with unparalleled data-driven insights to build trusted relationships with employees and their families. Our Guides empower your people to navigate their personal health journeys with peace of mind.

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Clinician-led team of experts

With over 15 years of clinical experience, Care Guides bring a breadth of expertise, including behavioral health, medication management, social work, billing, reimbursement, and ER avoidance, to support your full population—especially those with higher clinical risk.

360º view of your employees

Powered by the same industry-leading intelligence behind our digital navigation platform, Care Guides have a comprehensive view of member, provider, and program data. Our Guides identify the most critical opportunities to improve health and connect your people to the best programs and high-quality care for their needs.


Reimagining truly personalized human engagement

Just a call, chat, or click away, Care Guides are always there for your people. Our Guides proactively reach out with targeted communications and clear recommendations for those you most want to engage. When employees or their family members contact us, Care Guides help answer questions and identify additional opportunities to provide support for high-priority care needs.

Remove the hassles of healthcare

Care Guides provide expert, human support to make healthcare easier, from scheduling appointments, to facilitating billing disputes, to coordinating with an employee’s care team.

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No employee left behind

Care Guides are trained to support individuals who may face barriers to care driven by social determinants of health. Acting as a personal advocate for your employees, our team provides warm hand-offs to local low- or no-cost resources and employer-sponsored programs.

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Information is power

Drive business results with real-time insights and daily updates on how your people are engaging with their health and wellbeing.

Keep a pulse on your organization

Track enrollment, utilization, and other trends to understand and optimize how your employees are using Castlight.

Manage your benefits portfolio

Analyze engagement with your suite of benefit programs to find out what people are using and where you’re getting the most value.

Reach your employees quickly and simply

Our intuitive digital communication hub gives you a direct line to your population and enables you or your wellness champions to post messages, surveys, and events.

Employees love Castlight Health

“I love how easy it is to use! Castlight keeps me motivated to engage in activities to keep me healthy at work and outside the workplace.”


“It’s easy and informative. All the information you need for programs or your own personal requirements are at your fingertips.”


“Castlight has helped me immensely to stay on the path the healthy living—and I feel better now than I have in my entire life.”

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