Enterprise healthcare isn’t
going to fix itself

For large U.S. companies, healthcare is a top-three business cost —
30 percent of which is waste. Castlight can help.

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Transform healthcare from crippling cost to strategic advantage

There’s more to managing enterprise healthcare than chasing discounts. Or even enabling healthcare shopping via price transparency. Castlight technology addresses the four major challenges of enterprise healthcare. It provides employers with a complete suite of services to reduce costs and increase productivity while improving employee health and well-being. With Castlight you can:

  • Control costs

    Employ analytics to eliminate waste and reveal the surprising link between cost and quality. Use incentives to encourage employees to adopt cost-effective behaviors.

  • Boost employee satisfaction

    Create a seamless, informative benefits experience, integrating all the programs and services you offer. Help employees understand the value of their benefits and make smart choices for themselves and their families.

  • Manage change

    Ease the transition to new benefit designs by educating employees about how their benefits work and how to navigate the healthcare system. Empower employees with personalized information about their care choices.

  • Integrate multiple benefits programs

    Create a benefits hub that integrates programs and engages employees. Leverage analytics to match the right employees to the right programs at the right time. Gain insight into the impact of programs and use incentives drive awareness and utilization.

  • Improve health and productivity

    Use analytics to optimize your healthcare programs and spot opportunities to improve employee care and lifestyle decision making. Maximize the impact of third-party programs.

How it works

The Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud (EHC) helps organizations control healthcare spending, optimize healthcare benefits and promote employee health and productivity. Each EHC Solution Center focuses on one component of the healthcare equation.

  • Castlight Insights

    Accelerate insight with dashboards, reports and analytics

    Information-rich executive reports deliver visibility into healthcare spending data. With Castlight, you can pinpoint the best opportunities to eliminate waste and improve outcomes. You’ll gain insight into the healthcare spending habits of employees and KPIs such as registration, engagement, savings, and support track their engagement with the Castlight platform.

  • Castlight Controls

    Fine-tune benefits programs

    Meet evolving organizational needs with enterprise healthcare management controls that enable you to develop and deploy advanced benefit designs that reduce costs while improving outcomes. Introduce innovations such as reference-based pricing (RBP), which increases employee awareness of provider pricing while preserving choice. Motivate employees to make smarter healthcare decisions with a flexible incentive application. And educate employees with engaging videos and quizzes that improve healthcare literacy.

  • Castlight Connect

    Integrate a wide range of health benefits programs

    Integrate third-party benefit programs with Castlight’s natural language search results to drive utilization and awareness at the point of need. Promote employer programs such as nurse call lines, telehealth or on-site clinics as high-value options. Target text, graphic and video messages to employees based on demographics, past medical claims and benefits usage. Health fund account balances embedded in Castlight help users efficiently manage their healthcare finances.

  • Castlight Care

    Encourage healthcare consumerism with user-friendly web and mobile access to information

    Support healthcare shopping and education that allows employees and their families to make informed decisions. Deliver personalized cost, network and historical claims data, along with educational and quality information. Create a comprehensive resource that supports proactive healthcare consumerism through data transparency.


Technical peace of mind


    We handle the implementation

    We've met or exceeded 100% of our customers' implementation expectations.


    Protect your information

    When our application is accessed through a browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information using encryption that ensures data is safe, secure, and only available to the correct person.


    Validation and privacy

    Castlight requires a multi-step process for employee identification and authentication. This safeguard protects users' privacy in full compliance with HIPAA standards.


    Advanced security

    Castlight takes a multi-layered approach to security to ensure that your data is safe. We host our servers in a world-class data center and utilize multiple levels of security. We've passed the toughest security requirements for some of the biggest companies in the world.