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Employer-focused. Employee-driven.

What’s different about the Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud? Peel back the layers and you’ll find a partner who can engage your employees and help you get the most out of your health care investments.

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Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud

Castlight delivers a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Healthcare applications to reduce costs and improve quality and outcomes for enterprises and their people. Castlight enables employers to provide actionable information to their employees, introduce advanced benefit designs and manage adjacent areas of health care benefit spending.

Precise Cost & Quality

Precise cost and quality

Castlight helps employees reduce their spending and improve their quality of care at the same time. We present personalized costs alongside quality information to help them get high-value care.


We integrate prescription drug information into our platform to offer employees a one-stop shop for all of their health care information.
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Personalized Experience

Personalized experience

Our personalized health care platform organizes past care, tracks spending, and offers opportunities for higher-value care.

Castlight Alerts, for example, deliver targeted tips based on a user’s past care. A recent ER visit, for example, will prompt an alert about urgent care clinics. Castlight Alerts also help users save money by choosing generic drugs over brand-name versions.

Tailored Education

Tailored education

Our integrated clinical education enables shoppers to make savvier health care decisions. Our in-house team of clinical experts creates this breakthrough content in order to empower employees to get better care. Learn when an MRI is needed, and when it's not, or when to consider a C-section. Our chronic conditions content, on topics from diabetes to depression, helps employees plan and budget for ongoing health care challenges.
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Breakthrough Engagement

Breakthrough engagement

Changing employee behaviors can be difficult to do. Castlight Health has established a series of winning practices that can engage and motivate even the most challenging employee populations. We have created a compelling communications curriculum that can be easily tailored to your unique needs. We can support adoption with on-site events or more personalized tactics for hard-to-engage populations.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated

Castlight provides one centralized platform for the promotion of all your employee benefits and programs. With Castlight, employees can access all of their health care information in one place. They'll be glad there’s no more sifting through multiple web sites – and you'll be glad we've integrated all the data seamlessly on the back end.

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Advanced benefit designs

Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-Based Pricing helps direct employees to high-value care, while preserving their option to choose their own specific providers. Castlight works with companies to understand fair prices for labs, imaging and common procedures. We then educate our users about the reference price to enable them to make fully informed decisions about their care.

Castlight Rewards

Castlight Rewards

Castlight Rewards motivates employees to seek the right care at the right price by rewarding them when they see a high-value provider. By offering incentives, companies can enable their employees to choose high-value care, no matter what type of health plan they have.

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence are hospitals that provide high-quality, cost-effective care. Even relatively common surgeries can sometimes result in complications. By guiding your employees to facilities that have been recognized for excellence in surgical care, you can improve quality and lower costs for both your organization and your employees.

Accessible anywhere you go

  • Web

    The Castlight platform features an easy-to-use web interface that is similar to other consumer tools. With our natural language search, we make it easy for users to find the information they need. Castlight also presents health care and plan information in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Mobile

    Manage your health care on the go. Castlight Mobile allows you to look up doctors, medical services, pharmaceuticals and past care information right from your mobile device. Health care has never been more accessible. Castlight Mobile is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Phone

    When your employees don't have a computer handy, or prefer to talk to someone live, service is just a phone call away. Our Castlight Guides provide employees with the helpful, real-time guidance. Castlight Guides are particularly helpful for hard-to-reach employee populations.
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Creating experiences that transform engagement

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Castlight Communications

To change employee behavior, and realize the promise of high-value care, employers need to engage their workforce. We're here to help. Our team of communications specialists are experts at planning and executing effective, personalized campaigns to engage employees in their own care.

Our portfolio of field-tested messaging and collateral makes things easy. We've achieved participation rates of up to 80% for our customers - a level of behavior change that demonstrably moves the needle.

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Technical peace of mind


    We handle the implementation

    We've met or exceeded 100% of our customers' implementation expectations.


    Protect your information

    When our application is accessed through a browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information using encryption that ensures that data is safe, secure and only available to the correct person.


    Validation and privacy

    Castlight requires a multi-step process for employee identification and authentication. This safeguard protects users' privacy in full compliance with HIPAA standards.


    Advanced security

    Castlight takes a multi-layered approach to security to ensure that your data is safe. We host our servers in a world-class data center and utilize multiple levels of security. We've passed the toughest security requirements for some of the biggest companies in the world.