Solving the benefits puzzle:
A guide to understanding Enterprise Healthcare Management

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As an employer, besides coping with the extraordinary expense of enterprise healthcare, you face other complex problems. Like, how can you transition to a consumer-directed health plan without causing a riot? What do employees really want from their health benefits? And, will my employees embrace shopping for doctors and services?

Sure, enterprise healthcare is complex. Full of pitfalls and possibilities. But, we can help you manage it. With Castlight you can:

Control costs

Control healthcare costs—without sacrificing quality—or employee benefit satisfaction.

Manage change

Roll out new health plans with less confusion, disruption and pushback.

Boost employee satisfaction

Ensure employees fully understand and value their benefits

Integrate benefits programs

Create a single, integrated employee experience. Unlock the true potential of all your benefits programs in a single platform.

Improve health and productivity

Limit absenteeism, boost workplace performance and reduce the complications of poor care.

How it works

Companies trying to manage the complexity of their healthcare: costs, benefit design, program participation and impact, employee health and productivity, and third-party vendors—need more than price transparency.

They need an enterprise healthcare management (EHM) solution that addresses all these issues through a secure and scalable platform. And that’s what Castlight—and only Castlight—does with its Enterprise Healthcare Cloud (EHC). The EHC comprises:

Castlight Essentials

The foundation offering provides employers with new analytics to understand their healthcare spend and provides employees and their families with web and mobile access to personalized information about their benefits and healthcare choices.

Castlight Elevate

Castlight Elevate™ transforms access to behavioral healthcare by enabling your employees and their families to utilize mental health and substance abuse informational resources, make educated treatment choices and commence care.

Castlight Pharmacy

With Castlight Pharmacy, you can manage your employees’ prescription drug costs by integrating prescription drug and medical information in one place. And your employees can shop for prescription drugs using the same convenient application they use to shop for medical care.

Castlight Dental

Castlight Dental creates more stickiness by delivering a comprehensive shopping and educational experience that provides insight into dental benefits and guides employees and their families to the best options for care.

Castlight Action

Castlight Action empowers benefits teams to maximize the effectiveness of their benefits strategy by connecting employees with relevant care and programs at the right time.

Castlight Rewards

Castlight Rewards creates engagement with incentives that motivate employees to make smart healthcare decisions.

Castlight Protect

Castlight Protect enables employers to introduce reference-based pricing gradually, minimizing disruption and educating employees about the benefit of smart healthcare shopping.

Castlight Academy

Castlight Academy educates your employees through a healthcare curriculum tailor-made for your company.

Technical peace of mind

  • We handle the implementation

    We’ve met or exceeded 100% of our customers’ implementation expectations.

  • Protect your information

    When our application is accessed through a browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information using encryption that ensures data is safe, secure, and only available to the correct person.

  • Validation and privacy

    Castlight requires a multi-step process for employee identification and authentication. This safeguard protects users’ privacy in full compliance with HIPAA standards.

  • Advanced security

    Castlight takes a multi-layered approach to security to ensure that your data is safe. We host our servers in a world-class data center and utilize multiple levels of security. We’ve passed the toughest security requirements for some of the biggest companies in the world.