Key takeaways from NBGH Business Health Agenda: Creating empowered healthcare consumers

It’s not too difficult to pick out the key themes from last week’s NBGH Conference, Business Health Agenda (BHA) 2015 — Changing the Delivery Model: Realigning Incentives.

Managing costs, increasing the value of care, empowering consumers, meeting the diverse needs of employees, increasing engagement, and exploring new delivery and payment options were definitely top of mind for employers attending the conference. Here are some things we heard over and over:

“It’s about value not cost…”

“Employees need choice… and guidance…”

“Healthcare is about more than health insurance and includes productivity and well being.”

“If we want employees to be better healthcare consumers, we need to treat them like consumers and address their specific needs by age, generation, and type of work.”

 “Engagement is the key to success – need to engage consumers in their health and meet them where they are to bring them up the curve.”

Employee engagement was definitely a major theme. A session that that created a lot of conversation amongst attendees was a debrief on the “Consumer Health Mindset Survey” from Aon Hewitt, NBGH, and The Futures Company. Their research shows that companies supporting healthy lifestyles have happier and more productive workforces. Employers can help their employees become more empowered healthcare consumers by:

  1. Providing an experience that is authentic and transparent
  2. Personalizing and making the experience hyper-relevant
  3. Making benefits clear and simple
  4. Communicating all year long – not just at open enrollment
  5. Guiding employees to make better decisions

Interested in learning how you can empower your employees to become healthcare consumers? Download our “Five best practices for driving employee engagement” whitepaper.