EHM15 Summit takeaway: Why it’s time to optimize the healthcare dollar

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a week since we wrapped up our last of three Enterprise Healthcare Summit events in New York City!  We networked, we shared big ideas, we heard practical tips from industry thought leaders and practitioners – and most importantly, we were inspired.  By our customers, our partners, our speakers, and our prospects, who all shared their experiences with the status quo and explained how they’re working to turn healthcare from a crippling cost into a strategic business advantage.

We considered just telling you what the #EHM15 experience was like, but then we thought: why not show you?

Here’s the first in a series of #EHM15 Summit takeaway videos that give a glimpse into what happens when you bring together hundreds of benefits leaders who all want to change how healthcare happens in America.

In this installment, our fearless leader (i.e. Co-Founder and CEO) Dr. Giovanni Colella breaks down by the numbers why it’s time to optimize the healthcare dollar.

You can watch the full video here:

[Dr. Giovanni Colella | Enterprise Healthcare Summit 2015 | NYC]

Recap of the facts:

  • U.S. companies spend $620 billion on enterprise healthcare annually
  • That’s $620 billion that international competitors are not spending
  • Of that, 30% ($190 billion) is wasted
  • And we still rank 44th in world health outcomes

Next up in the series – a discussion with our #EHM15 employer panelists on how they’re optimizing the healthcare dollar in their companies, one new tool and strategy at a time. Stay tuned.