Jiff Adds Four Market-Leading Partners

At Jiff, we strive to ensure our enterprise health benefits platform brings together all the point solution vendors an employer needs to create comprehensive set of health benefits for their workforce. Today, we are excited to announce four new partners joining the Jiff platform: Noom, Kurbo Health, Sleepio, and Grand Rounds. Together, these companies give Jiff customers even more solutions to improve employee health, including disease prevention, nutrition counseling, sleep management, and patient care improvement.


Noom takes aim one of the greatest health risks and cost drivers facing employee populations today: chronic disease. Noom offers research-backed mobile health tools that help people with pre-chronic and chronic diseases achieve real, positive outcomes. The key to Noom’s approach is harnessing the power of technology and the empathy of real human coaches to deliver successful, scalable behavior change programs. The approach is working; Noom’s apps have been installed more than 32 million times worldwide.

“Our commitment is to help people live healthier lives through our behavior change platform. We look forward to helping employers provide exceptional health promoting benefits that keep their employees healthy and engaged,” said Noel Khirsukhani, Senior Vice President, Health Care Solutions at Noom.


Kurbo Health helps make kids, teens, and their families healthier with its innovative mobile weight loss and health coaching tools. The company offers one-on-one video coaching, expert support, a food and fitness tracker, and nutrition education. All are designed with kids in mind and make use of entertaining games and videos. These tools help employers reduce their direct costs on dependent medical claims and increase employee morale.

“Through this unique partnership with Jiff, employers can now incentivize not only their employees but their employees’ entire families to develop healthier habits,” said Joanna Strober, CEO of Kurbo. “Kurbo’s proven, mobile-based program empowers kids, teens and their parents to make better food choices, exercise more, and reach a healthier weight.”


Created by the world’s first digital medicine company, Big Health, Sleepio is a digital sleep improvement program that addresses poor sleep without pills. Sleepio suggests to users Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques tested to the highest clinical standards in the world’s first ever placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial for a digital sleep intervention. The recommended techniques are tailored to each user.

“We’re excited to integrate Sleepio with Jiff’s platform, enabling more employers to give their employees the many benefits of a good night’s sleep,” said Peter Hames, CEO and Co-Founder of Big Health.


Grand Rounds brings a new approach to delivering high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to the Jiff platform. Grand Rounds connects patients in need to the experts best able to assist them, and helps companies make world-class care ubiquitously available to their employees. 

“With Jiff’s personalization engine, Grand Rounds can further target populations that stand to benefit from remote or in-person access to the best minds in U.S. medicine,” said Jacob Best, Director of Medical Networks at Grand Rounds. “The patient’s journey is supported by our seamless technology interface and our compassionate team, contributing to better outcomes and lower costs.”

We welcome these industry-leading partners to Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform. These companies help strengthen our offerings in important areas that help companies reduce health care costs and achieve better health outcomes. We are glad to have Grand Rounds, Kurbo Health, Noom, and Sleepio join us in our mission to cultivate happier, healthier employees.