HR Tech wrap up — welcome to the era of actionable data for HR

Laurie Ruettimann is a writer, speaker, and HR expert with twenty years of experience working in leadership positions in the human resources industry. We are thrilled to have her join us here on the Castlight Health blog to bring you in-the-moment coverage of the best insights and ah-hah moments from the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition, better known as HR Tech 2015.

HR Tech 2015 is over, but the themes and ideas that emerged from the conference will influence the recruiting and human resources communities for years to come.

Welcome to the era of personalization.

The field of human resources is evolving. HR leaders are steadily moving to a new model of management: empowering executives and managers with data-informed methods of strategic planning and decision-making.

The opening keynote, delivered by Marcus Buckingham, challenged HR leaders to shift from theoretical models of performance management and talent acquisition to analyzing real-world behaviors with new technologies that provide data-driven insights.

The reputation of HR as a discipline requires that we have data fluency. If we want to usher in a new way of working, now is the time to embrace new approaches and new solutions that will help us optimize the effectiveness of our HR and benefits strategies.

Leveraging data and insights to create personalized employee experiences is key to moving HR forward. Castlight is helping to lead the vanguard with Action, which uses predictive analytics to help HR departments personalize benefits communications to reduce employer spend while improving employee health outcomes and satisfaction.

Creating an “all-in” workforce.

You couldn’t walk the expo floor or attend a concurrent session without hearing the phrase “all-in.” You don’t want your employees to just be engaged, you want them to be “all-in” evangelists of your company culture and brand.

Mike Ettling, president of SAP Successfactors, believes that your most productive workers will morph into the role of evangelists who will be there – in mind, body, and spirit – to help spread their company’s culture and embody the mission. Kathryn Minshew, the founder and CEO of The Muse, talked about creating the type of company culture that will attract and retain “all-in” employees.

Here’s what I learned: If you want to create an organization that attracts the most productive workers who contribute to the bottom line and become brand evangelists for your company, you will need to rethink every aspect of the employment experience. Employers need to be ‘all-in’ and adopt new tactics, methods, and technologies that enable them to provide the type of work and benefits experience that top talent now expects. It’s the only way to compete in today’s talent market.

Work is more than work.

HR Tech 2015 showcased many new data-driven solutions, and the standout technologies focused on engagement, retention, and offering a better candidate and employment experience to workers who are agents of their careers.

I left Las Vegas feeling optimistic and proud to work in a profession that’s responding to a changing marketplace. HR professionals have heard the call to think more strategically, and they are asking for more technology that will let them deliver better, more personalized and relevant experiences for their employees.

As the discipline of marketing evolved in the past ten years to become more ‘data-fluent,’ so too will human resources. Understanding, adopting, and embracing better technology isn’t just a “nice-to-have” way of thinking about the world. It’s what leading employers are doing today to attract and retain top talent and turn them into the “all-in” employees that will help cement continued organizational success tomorrow.

Now it’s your turn.