What if you could guide employees on benefits decisions, just when they need it?

At Castlight, we partner with our customers to help manage healthcare costs by using technology. There is a general consensus that improved employee engagement with their benefits can help manage these rising expenses. However, improving engagement is much harder than it seems. Employees are often too busy to pay close attention to messages from HR in this day and age.

Unless there is an active thirst or incentive to understand their own benefits, employees will generally postpone reading their benefits summary package, or even forget about it altogether. The result is that when employees do need to make important healthcare decisions, they default to what they’re most familiar with, which often leads to inefficient decisions (e.g. going to the ER over an urgent care clinic for a sore throat). This leads to 30% of healthcare spend being wasted and an increasing cost burden for both employers and employees.

At the most recent HR Technology Conference, we debuted Castlight Action, a predictive insight and engagement solution designed to connect employees with relevant care and programs in their time of need. Action leverages the power of data and predictive analytics to anticipate when an employee may need relevant information on back pain, diabetes, and other conditions. The solution then has the ability to deliver relevant recommendations to those segments.

Simply put, imagine having the ability to ask all your employees how they’re feeling and then being able to give them helpful information. Now imagine being able to do that everyday. This is how Action can help employers improve meaningful employee engagement.


Join us on our upcoming webinar Drive Employee Engagement with Predictive Analytics on Thursday, November 19, hosted by Human Resource Executive, to hear how employers are looking at Castlight Action to get more employees engaged with their benefits. Castlight’s Chief R&D Officer, Jonathan Rende, and Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Sarbiewski, will be discussing the challenges of employee engagement and showcasing how Action can help.