Get to Know the Castlight Interns: Samantha Cook

Are you curious about what’s it’s like to move to San Francisco and intern in health tech? Well, I certainly am! That’s what brought me to Castlight Health this summer for an incredible internship.

My name is Samantha Cook, Castlight’s Brand & Content Marketing Intern, and the guest blogger for our “Get to Know Our Interns” summer series. Over the next several weeks, you’ll get a sneak peek inside life at Castlight for our interns. To kick off the series, I figured that I’d start with myself!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Samantha Cook, and I am a senior International Studies major at Centre College in Danville, KY. Sound familiar? Probably not, but trust me, it’s pretty great. I am a volleyball player, a fiercely loyal Bengals fan, and an advocate for many organizations such as Best Buddies, Kappa Alpha Theta, and the Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC).

What have you gotten out of your experience with Castlight this summer?

More than I ever dreamed of! I knew coming in that Castlight was a phenomenal company; blazing the trail for a critical change to be made in the way healthcare is evaluated and delivered. But, I underestimated the passion and dedication each employee would share for this same mission.

I have learned how much good a group of people can do when they come together with a variety of skills and talents and what it truly means to be part of a sharp, collaborative, and open team. As a Marketing Intern, I have been able to work with everything from web design on Jive & publishing on WordPress and everything in between. I gained a deep understanding of the many functions of marketing and some of the platforms used to create and publish content and I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity.

How would you break down your role at Castlight for a non-tech savvy pal?

I help create & organize things that tell other people about the company. I help make new parts of the website to make it easier for people to find things, I talk to lots of cool people to learn about what I can do to help them know more about what the company does and how we want other people to know about us, and I create slideshows and presentations to tell other people on my team what I have been working on and get their help to make it even better!

What advice would you give to someone looking to intern in the health tech space?

Be adventurous, adaptable, and enthusiastic! The health tech space is constantly evolving. It takes an adventurous spirit to follow the twists and turns, an adaptable and flexible mindset to roll with the inevitable set-backs and adjustments as new technology is released and updated, and an enthusiastic spirit to tackle each and every challenge ahead.

If you were a Disney character, what animal sidekick would you choose and why?

Pascal from Tangled. Although he doesn’t communicate with words, he manages to convey his emotions and love for Rapunzel and all people through his big eyes, expressive tail whips, and cute noises. I have to give an honorable mention to Mushu from Mulan, though – love the sass & loyalty, pal.

Check in next time to meet John Filmanowicz, our User Experience intern and resident cartoon movie connoisseur!


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