Castlight Elevate Transforms Access to Behavioral Healthcare

Jun 2, 2015

Castlight Health Extends Its Cloud Platform to Deliver the

First EHM Solution Targeted toward Behavioral Health Issues and Related Costs

SAN FRANCISCO – June 2, 2015 – Castlight Health, Inc. (NYSE:CSLT), a leader in enterprise healthcare management (EHM), today announced Castlight Elevate™, the first solution that enables employees to research behavioral health services, make educated treatment choices, and begin care all through a personalized platform. In addition, Castlight Elevate privately and securely identifies employee populations who are at-risk for mental health disorders, and delivers personalized recommendations for treatment resources.

Castlight Elevate is the newest extension of the Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud (EHC), a platform and suite of cloud-based applications that enable employers to manage and optimize their investment in healthcare benefits and empower employees to improve their healthcare decisions. Castlight Elevate leverages the breadth of the EHC platform capabilities, which are necessary for an organization to implement a comprehensive enterprise healthcare management strategy.

The economic impact of behavioral health issues is staggering. Studies show that 25 percent of the nation’s working population suffers from a diagnosable mental health or substance use disorder, and over 70 percent go undiagnosed1. The CDC reports that depression is estimated to cause 200 million lost workdays each year2, and according to a 2015 study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the total direct healthcare and indirect costs related to major depressive disorders was $210.5 billion in 2010.  This represented a 21 percent increase over a 5-year timeframe.3

“Stress, depression, and other psychological problems have a massive impact on the workplace. Employee health and productivity suffers, and the costs to the organization are significant – over 20 percent of total medical spend each year,” said Giovanni Colella, MD, co-founder and CEO of Castlight Health. “We’re passionate about helping companies fix this tremendous problem, and firmly believe Castlight Elevate will make an important difference in people’s lives.”

1 National Study on Drug Use and Health, OAS, SAMHSA, HHS, 2009. Workplace Mental Health, The Standard, 2013

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3 Paul E. Greenberg, MS, MA; Andree-­‐Anne Fournier, MA; Tammy Sisitsky, MA; Crystal T. Pike, MBA; and Ronald C.Kessler, PhD, “The Economic Burden of Adults With Major Depressive Disorder in the United States (2005 and 2010),” The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 76 no. 2 (Feb 2015): 155-­‐162

Castlight Elevate breaks down the barriers to behavioral health treatment by targeting and engaging employees to take advantage of personalized treatment options and services. For example, an employee who may be struggling with depression can search for information about the condition, identify and compare therapists within their individual benefits network, and even begin teletherapy right from his or her computer or mobile device.

Castlight Elevate will:

  • Identify user populations with behavioral health conditions from medical/Rx claims, mindshare data, and quizzes to enable targeted outreach.
  • Deliver individual recommendations about behavioral health resources, including personal self-help videos and exercises.
  • Provide access to a comprehensive set of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence based self-care applications through a close partnership with myStrength – The health club for your mind™ – a leading provider of individualized behavioral health programs.
  • Offer shopping for inpatient psychiatric care and residential substance use disorder treatment on the basis of both cost and quality.
  • Create a seamless user experience with employers’ EAP programs, including teletherapy and telemedicine through deep integration with third party providers.

Castlight Elevate accomplishes all this while maintaining complete user confidentiality, and is compliant with all HIPAA security and administrative protocols governing personal health information (PHI).

Today, more than 170 companies across 25 industries have selected the Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud to maximize their investments in employee health and wellness, eliminate waste, and eradicate unnecessary spending. Castlight customers span technology, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as government entities.


Castlight Elevate is currently available to Castlight Health customers as an add-on application, sold separately. For more information, please visit:

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The Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud is a cloud-based suite of applications that enables employers to manage and optimize their investment in healthcare benefits and empowers employees to improve their healthcare decisions and make better choices.

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