Castlight Health Announces Castlight Care Guides

October 22, 2019

An Innovative Approach Leveraging the Power of AI and Technology to Deliver High-Touch Navigation

SAN FRANCISCO (October 22, 2019) – Castlight Health, Inc. (NYSE:CSLT) today announced the launch of Castlight Care Guides, a unique concierge service that combines the best of Castlight’s personalized health navigation technology with a clinician led high-touch service to help users understand the best care for them when a digital app isn’t enough.

“Customers want their users to get the right care with the right provider or partner at the right time, and with Castlight Care Guides we’re enabling them to achieve this goal without having to choose between a digital or high-touch interaction,” said Maeve O’Meara, Chief Executive Officer of Castlight Health. “We are leveraging our digital health navigation technology to deliver personalized high-touch services alongside our digital solutions, helping our customers lower their healthcare costs and improve outcomes regardless of how their employees choose to engage with their benefits. We are thrilled to partner with our valued customers and eager to shape the future of high-touch navigation in a world powered by cutting edge technology.”

Employers have shown increasing interest in high-touch navigation solutions. According to the National Business Group on Health’s latest Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey, employers’ use of these services is expected to increase significantly, from 39% of those surveyed in 2019 to 60% in 2020. Traditional concierge services have demonstrated that some users value the high-touch approach, but these services are often expensive to deploy and typically lack the rich digital experience for users who prefer to navigate their benefits on their own. Castlight Care Guides addresses these challenges through its use of Castlight’s AI-enabled personalization to target high-touch interactions to the appropriate users cost effectively and alongside Castlight’s engaging digital app experience.

Through Castlight Care Guides, employers can meet users where they are — with digital and high-touch outreach — powered by a single data and technology infrastructure. Castlight Care Guides will amplify the core strengths of Castlight’s platform, leveraging Castlight’s personalization engine to identify individuals who may have more complicated health questions or need personalized guidance to navigate basic barriers to care, such as scheduling appointments with high-quality providers. Castlight Care Guides will engage identified users through both inbound inquiries and proactive outreach to make recommendations for the next step toward improved health.

Castlight has created a Charter Customer Program for Castlight Care Guides and will be developing the high-touch roadmap in partnership with these customers, including a Fortune 500 manufacturing company launching in November. The Company plans to make the solution broadly available in mid-2020.

Maeve O’Meara will discuss this new offering and industry trends at the HLTH Conference in Las Vegas, October 27-30. At the event, Maeve will participate in the “Health’s 5 Star Service” panel on October 29.