Incentives by Jiff Helps Employers boost ObamaCare efficiencies

September 17, 2014

Mountain View, Calif., September 16, 2014 – Jiff (, a health technology company, today announces the release of its Incentives product that enables employers to create simple, unique experiences that reward employees for making healthy choices every day. Available now, Incentives helps employers meet Affordable Care Act rules for rewarding employees who participate in workplace health programs.

Employers use Incentives by Jiff to offer traditional preventive care such as health risk assessments and biometrics exams, and to unlock new options for rewarding employees using digital health products. These digital health products can be used to manage activity, nutrition, stress, sleep quality, and much more.

Through the Jiff platform, employees can choose to use their own consumer tracking devices and mobile applications, or ones issued by their companies, to participate and earn rewards.

“The rise of wearable fitness trackers over the past several years has caused a tectonic shift in what is possible in corporate benefit design, corporate wellness offerings and clinical care management,” said Jiff CEO Derek Newell. “We provide our clients with the ability to gather and analyze the volumes of information that will come streaming in from employees’ devices and apps, and use that data to provide employees with actionable next steps towards health and rewards.”

Using Incentives by Jiff, employers can offer a wide range of rewards through the Jiff Redemption Center, including HSA contributions, company gear, donations to employees’ favorite charities, digital movie or music subscriptions, or extra vacation days. Jiff also provides real-time reporting which allows administrators to see aggregate, de-personalized data on program performance and get a better understanding of what specific activities keep participation levels high, what incentive levels are compelling, and how employees are engaging with the program.

“The Affordable Care Act leaves it up to the individual employer to determine how to reward its workers for being more proactive about their health,” added Newell. “Jiff works with each of our clients on a one-on-one basis to determine an action list and incentives structure that aligns with its specific strategy, budget and culture.”

For more information on Jiff and its products, visit, and follow Jiff on Twitter: @jiffinc.

About Jiff

Jiff is a venture-backed, Mountain View, Calif.-based technology company that is reinventing healthcare for employees. Using Jiff’s HIPAA-compliant platform, companies can quickly connect their health benefit design and incentives to consumer digital health applications, devices, and services that employees love. Jiff builds incredible, unique mobile and web experiences for each employer that allows employees to compete or work together towards company-wide health goals. 

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