Jiff and Mercer Launch New Product Health Pathfinder by Mercer

September 1, 2015

Mountain View, CA and New York, NY / Businesswire – Today Jiff, the rapidly-growing enterprise health benefits platform, and Mercer, global consulting leader in advancing health, wealth and careers, announced a strategic collaboration and launched a co-developed, personalized health benefits platform. Health Pathfinder by Mercer enables employers to leverage the latest health management solutions to cut healthcare costs and cultivate healthier and more engaged employees.

‘The days of one-size-fits-all health benefits are over. With more and more innovative health solutions available today – from transparency to telehealth – employers are realizing that they get the most out of their health benefits programs when they become stewards for employees, helping them navigate a complex set of benefits,” said Derek Newell, CEO of Jiff. “Jiff and Mercer have teamed up to change the health benefits landscape by facilitating personalized benefits to help employees reach their health goals and in doing so reducing costs for employers.”

“While there has been an explosion of health and well-being solutions in the past five years, employers are left wondering how to manage it all,” said Mercer Total Health Management Solutions Leader Cheryl Mealey. “By teaming up with Jiff, Mercer can enable clients to integrate their preferred benefit solutions, personalize workforce programs and incentives, motivate employees to engage with the solutions, and measure what works.”

Health Pathfinder by Mercer will use engaging design, personalized health assessments, and an easy-to-navigate user experience to drive utilization of the right healthcare services, to the right people, at the right time.

Utilizing a range of custom-designed health applications, including Mercer-specific plug-in products and content, Health Pathfinder by Mercer will provide instant feedback and rewards to employees who use the system. These individualized incentives will motivate employees through a smart, points-based rewards system. The product will encourage actions that help employees utilize their healthcare benefits – and reduce their employers’ healthcare costs.

This new relationship with Mercer comes during a year of expansion for Jiff – in product, workforce, funding, and client base. Boosted by a $23.3 million Series C funding round last month, the company has more than doubled its workforce in 2015. Additionally, Jiff’s customer base has grown by 500 percent and the number of employees served by Jiff’s platform has increased ten-fold during that period.

Media Contact: Courtney Lamie, (202) 792-7200, [email protected]