Jiff Launches Challenges by Jiff Application, Offers It At No Cost

April 10, 2014

Mountain View, Calif., April 9, 2014 – Jiff (www.jiff.com), a health technology company, today announces a limited time offer of Challenges by Jiff at no cost to employers. Jiff helps companies connect to the digital health marketplace and engage employees in proactive monitoring and improvement of their health and well-being. Companies that choose to subsidize $75 per employee for devices and apps purchased through the Jiff Store will be given the Challenges by Jiff product at no charge for one year.

Challenges by Jiff are beautiful, game-oriented mobile and web experiences that are personalized for each employer’s population and encourage employees to compete or work together towards company-wide health goals. With Jiff, employees can use their own health apps and devices while still participating in company-wide health initiatives. Employers can also choose to subsidize (completely or partially) the cost of an activity tracker or health app such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Fitbug, Withings, BodyMedia, Fatsecret, and CaloryGuard through the Jiff Store.

“Everyone talks about consumer-driven healthcare, but employers are in the best position to create social communities that keep consumers engaged and working together,” said Jiff Chief Executive Officer, Derek Newell. “Employers are the ones paying for healthcare and have a ready community of consumers – their employees — who they can incentivize to be more active and take preventative health measures. Employees are the most valuable assets to any company, and by providing these services, companies can improve well-being and job satisfaction, as well as raise retention rates.”

There are now more than 40,000 mobile health apps available to consumers across multiple mobile device platforms. The digital fitness devices market reached $330 million in 2013. Employees want the freedom to use the apps and devices that work best for them, and the Jiff platform allows them to do just that while working alongside colleagues and earning incentives from their employer.

“Wearable devices, digital apps, and consumer services are transforming health and healthcare,” added Newell. “Jiff is reinventing healthcare one employee at a time, by building branded experiences that leverage this innovation in the digital health marketplace.”

About Jiff

Jiff (www.jiff.com) is a venture-backed, Mountain View, Calif.-based technology company that is reinventing healthcare for employees. Using Jiff’s HIPAA-compliant platform, companies can quickly connect their health benefit design and incentives to consumer digital health applications, devices, and services (the digital health marketplace) that employees love. Jiff builds engaging, unique mobile and web experiences for each employer that allows employees to compete or work together towards company-wide health goals. 

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