Towers Watson and Jiff Form Strategic Alliance to Launch Employer Digital HealthSolution

June 12, 2013

Mountain View, Calif. – (June 11, 2013) – Jiff Inc. (, a digital health technology company, today removed stealth cloaking from the Jiff Platform, a digital health solution that accelerates healthcare organizations’ ability to take advantage of the rapidly evolving digital health world. Health plans, large provider groups, self-insured employers and wellness program providers can use the Jiff Platform to scale their programs faster, increase revenues, lower costs, and improve outcomes by engaging in collaborative, connected relationships with the consumers they serve. And the applications we help build on the platform are beautiful. So beautiful, customers are calling the Platform “consumer-grade” software. Did we mention it’s beautiful?

The Jiff Platform is a flexible collection of tools that allows healthcare organizations, employers and wellness program providers to:

  • Bring the elegance of the consumer Web to their existing programs with exceptional digital health applications
  • Digitize and scale current wellness and clinical programs to reach more consumers and increase impact
  • Connect existing health plan programs, wellness provider programs, popular digital apps and devices for a consumer-directed and connected health experience
  • Connect the money health organizations, employers and wellness program providers are already spending with money consumers are spending to amplify results

“Everyone talks about consumer driven healthcare, but few healthcare organizations deliver an experience that the consumer actually wants to engage in,” said Jiff Chief Executive Officer, Derek Newell. “There are two problems the Jiff platform solves; we allow healthcare organizations to quickly and cost effectively build and deploy consumer centric connected health applications based on their clinical protocols; and we allow them to take advantage of the thousands of incredibly innovative digital health applications being developed by new companies that are, unfortunately, totally disconnected from the entire healthcare system. Digital health holds massive promise for transforming healthcare, if we can connect it to the healthcare system and provide a scalable way for healthcare organizations to take advantage of it. The Jiff Platform changes the game by solving these two problems and enabling organizations to engage more consumers, lower costs and finally begin to really see improved outcomes.”

The Jiff Platform is the first to enable health plans and provider organizations to elegantly digitize their clinical programs on an integrated SaaS platform, bringing the beautiful interfaces and experiences consumers have come to expect from the best consumer apps and websites to their clinical programs. The Jiff Platform also provides guidelines and protocols to all developers and organizations using the Platform: protocols for interface design, social models, guidelines for game mechanics, and a uniquely designed, patent pending engagement engine. All applications and programs on the Jiff Platform are compatible with each other, and they share a common backend that enables real-time measurement and display of performance data against outcome objectives. Jiff Inc. also provides design and development services for organizations that want help learning how to develop world-class health programs on the fully featured Jiff Platform. 

“We think Jiff has the potential to help change the face of healthcare,” said Paul Matthews of Towers Watson, a partner on the Jiff Platform. “With the Jiff Platform, the company is removing the technical and cost related barriers to creating personalized engaging environments to deliver positive health outcomes, lower costs and improved satisfaction for the entire health care ecosystem.”

A sampling of features on the Jiff Platform include:

  • Security — HIPAA-compliant security core, with secure communication and hosting infrastructures; tested and approved by some of the largest health care organizations in the world
  • Engagement Optimization Engine — uniquely designed and patent pending, this enables customization and personalization of the best programs and experiences for users dynamically in real time
  • Social Turbo — allows customers to choose the best social model for goal achievement, from support groups to challenge environments
  • User-Centric Data Model — automatically synchronizes user data across applications on the Jiff Platform and ties back to incentives for benchmarking and program improvement
  • Survey Intelligence — for creating surveys, from satisfaction polls, to symptom checkers to Health Risk Assessments

Jiff has a unique architecture and approach to digital health because its founders are a unique combination of borderline genius and incredibly cheeky consumer Internet experts (who had scaled data-intensive consumer Internet sites and social games to hundreds of millions of users) and health care experts (who previously had run a remote patient monitoring and a disease management company). They’re not bad looking either. 

About Jiff, Inc.

Jiff ( is a digital health technology company with a Platform that enables employers and payers to engage in collaborative, connected relationships with the consumers they serve. Using Jiff’s HIPAA compliant Platform, Jiff’s customers can quickly deploy digital health applications via the web or mobile devices that combine the best of the consumer Web with the best of their clinical content; connect to existing applications popular with consumers; and easily integrate any data from those applications into legacy information systems. Jiff’s scalable digital health management solutions offer healthcare organizations new, innovative, and fun ways to engage with consumers that change behavior, improve health outcomes, and reduce total cost of delivery. Founded in 2010 in Mountain View, California, Jiff is led by a world-class team of healthcare and consumer-internet leaders. Jiff is privately held and venture backed.

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