Total Brain

An innovative mental health and fitness platform

About Total Brain

Total Brain is an innovative mental health and fitness platform. Founded on the notion that our mental health can be measured, improved and managed like our physical health, Total Brain measures the 12 brain capacities that define mental health, screens for the risk of common mental health conditions, builds self-awareness and accountability, and engages individuals in mental fitness programs that maximize their mental health. All the while, companies improve employee productivity and decrease healthcare costs.

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The Ecosystem outcome

Castlight’s Ecosystem simplifies the member experience and maximizes engagement by connecting health and wellbeing programs all in one place and leveraging deep personalization to promote the right programs to the right people at the right time. By working with our partners to create a cohesive member experience, together we drive better value for our shared clients.  

Reach the right people



Increase in utilization

Sustain engagement



Monthly return rate

Bend the healthcare cost curve



Lower medical spend trend year-over-year

Deliver an outstanding experience


Net Promoter Score

Deep integrations

Real-time two-way data exchange with SSO and API

Total Brain is connected to the Castlight platform via a deep, data exchange integration. As members engage with Total Brain, they earn points in Castlight for completing specific micro-actions, like taking new brain health assessments, which also helps power Castlight’s personalized recommendations. Example micro-actions are shown.

Members can take a brain assessment to learn their brain health score.

Members can track completed activities.

Members earn points while working towards specific health goals.

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