May 4, 2023

apree health Launches New Health Technology Platform to Integrate Digital Health and Care Delivery

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apree foundation sets a new standard for accelerating the digital transformation of healthcare

SAN FRANCISCO, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — apree health, a combination of Castlight Health and Vera Whole Health, was formed to marry best-in-class digital engagement and advanced primary care to drive better health outcomes. Today, the company is launching a secure, cloud native platform called apree foundation. apree foundation is a multi-year investment to create the industry’s most advanced secure cloud native healthcare data and technology platform. By aggregating, integrating, and normalizing massive amounts of healthcare data, apree foundation aims to bridge the industry’s data silos to deliver a highly personalized healthcare experience for millions of Americans.

The foundation enables apree health to deliver an experience focused on the person—one that engages each individual, drives timely next-best actions appropriate for their care journey, and ultimately delivers high-value outcomes. It forms the basis upon which apree health is innovating the next generation of solutions including seamless digital experiences, tech-enabled omnichannel services, and advanced primary care delivered across virtual and physical care settings. apree’s Research and Development team has leveraged more than a decade of operational experience with the platform to ensure the foundation is highly available, secure, scalable, and privacy preserving.

“Everything we do puts the person at the center,” said Vijay Anand, executive vice president, Research and Development, at apree health. “apree foundation is a first-of-its-kind health tech platform that will empower large employers and health plans with the most advanced and integrated digital health and care delivery solution. By partnering with a best-in-class technology partner such as Google Cloud, we can fully unleash the power of data and technology to deliver improved health outcomes and a better member experience.”

Moving apree health’s core application and data infrastructure to Google Cloud provides the company with scalable access to additional data processing capabilities such as BigQuery. With BigQuery, apree aggregates and processes a large array of complex data from more than 700 sources that reflects dozens of terabytes of healthcare data, including more than a billion claims from 15 dental payers and 19 medical payers. Other critical data pipelines include eligibility, claims, biometrics, benefit plan designs and utilization information, social determinants of health (SDoH), population data, and third party point solutions from across the healthcare ecosystem, all integrated through application programming interfaces (APIs) and file-based capabilities. With BigQuery, apree health can aggregate this data securely and at scale, extract the valuable insights to develop person-specific knowledge, and deliver a seamless and integrated care experience.

Leveraging this data infrastructure, apree foundation’s predictive analytics engine then applies advanced algorithms and machine learning to deliver actionable insights and personalized recommendations enabling purchasers of healthcare to proactively manage population health, predict risk, and optimize healthcare outcomes. As a very early adopter of machine learning, the company developed and deployed machine learning algorithms for personalized recommendations in 2015, following its initial use of machine learning in 2010 for medical price estimation in a groundbreaking healthcare price transparency tool.

Finally, apree foundation applies the scaled capabilities of BigQuery with its sophisticated master data management framework to develop comprehensive population-level insights and health reporting for key stakeholders and clients. Powerful analytical capabilities track performance to outcomes and create insights through visualizations to drive care improvement.

“It’s great to see apree health leverage Google Cloud to scale their operations and extract valuable insights from their data,” said Aashima Gupta, global director of Healthcare Strategy & Solutions, Google Cloud. “With BigQuery, apree health can now aggregate and process data at scale, which is essential for their expansion into value-based care delivery. We’re confident that Google Cloud will continue to support apree health’s growth as they continue to innovate in the healthcare industry.”

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About apree health
apree health brings together a best-in-class engagement platform with an advanced primary care model to provide a vastly better health and care experience, improve outcomes, and significantly lower the total cost of care for a population. Its proven solutions are built on a robust data and technology foundation that provides a rich understanding of each person, a navigation experience that engages individuals in their health and care, and an integrated care team that manages the individual’s whole health. apree health was formed when leading advanced primary care provider Vera Whole Health merged with digital health innovator Castlight Health in 2022. Both companies were founded in 2008. apree health partners with top U.S. employers, leading provider groups, and some of the country’s largest, most progressive health plans.

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