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Changing healthcare takes a team. Castlight pursues partnerships in several categories, and takes a collaborative approach to maximize value for all sides.

Benefit Consultants

We work closely with the major benefit consulting firms to deepen client relationships, share insights to support effective counsel, and expand client benefit offerings through our ecosystem of solutions.

Through our partnerships, clients benefit from competitive pricing, dedicated training, and account management support. Together we accelerate the employee benefit experience:

  • 1.2-3.8x increase in benefit program engagement

  • Proven and guaranteed return on investment

  • Collaborative and flexible approach to deploying health navigation

Health Plans

Castlight helps health plans differentiate their member experience — quickly — and dramatically improve their results in engagement, personalization, steerage, and integration of vendor solutions.   We can support a variety of health plan segments — including commercial, government, and individual — and groups of all sizes whether fully-insured or self-funded.

Castlight customizes our offering to fit the needs of each health plans’ strategy and existing technology investments. Work with us to drive better results for your clients and users:

  • 70 mobile NPS

  • +30% increase in closures of gaps in care

  • 1.25-1.75% proven reduction in medical spend

Other Partners

Castlight is constantly exploring new relationships with organizations that seek to improve the health experience of their users, and who can deploy our cutting-edge technology at scale.
  • We’re committed to working with partners to pair our health navigation solution with relevant technology, services, and organizations. Contact our partnerships team at to learn more.