3 Steps to Overcome Point Solution Fatigue

Win the battle against point solution fatigue and ensure you and your population achieve the maximum benefit from the point solutions you choose.
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Castlight Health and Vera Whole Health are now apree health.

This playbook provides a roadmap to prevent fatigue from taking root—for both you and your members— including guidance on how to:
  • Identify the best point solutions
  • Encourage and evaluate member engagement
  • Optimize your ongoing point solution strategy

HR leaders have thousands of health and wellbeing point solution vendors to choose from. On average, employers offer more than 12 health-focused programs to their members, and some even manage separate sets of point solutions for different subsets of their population.

This creates an incredible administrative burden for benefits teams, offering requiring additional capacity and resources to meet it. It’s also a lot of information for members to digest, which can overwhelm them and, ultimately, lead to great programs being under-utilized—or not used at all.

Download the free playbook and learn how to create a clear path forward—one that leads to a better experience, improved health outcomes, and greater cost savings.

Get the Free Playbook

Get the Playbook

Lighten your administrative load and start easing the stress of point solution fatigue today.

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