Employer Perspectives of Personalization in Digital Health

The Untapped Potential of Personalization

Learn how large employers deploy personalization in their health benefits strategy and how personalization can improve employee health.

Castlight partnered with the National Business Group on Health® to conduct a nationwide survey of benefits leaders at large U.S. employers on the current state of personalization in digital health. We sought to understand how benefit leaders define, perceive, and use personalization in their employee health benefits programs.

The report highlights personalization’s potential to impact the employee experience, how employers are using personalization today, and gaps between the potential of personalization and current use. The report identifies opportunities to address these gaps, and can help employers improve their implementation of personalization in health benefits programs.

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Report Highlights

Personalization defined 

We asked employers what effective health benefits personalization would look like at their organization.

Perceptions of personalization 

Employers shared their beliefs about the potential of personalization to positively impact the employee experience.

Current use of personalization

We learned how employers grade their organization’s benefits personalization efforts today, what data sources they use, and how they communicate with employees about their benefits.

Opportunities for employers

We were able to draw conclusions from the data on how employers can improve the implementation of personalization in employee health benefits programs.

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