The State of Digital Health Annual Report

Bridging the Employer-Employee Divide

Leverage insights from our groundbreaking report to get the most out of your digital health investments.

The digital health ecosystem is exploding, to the tune of billions of dollars a year in new investment. With hundreds of vendors competing for employers’ attention, employers face difficult decisions around which of these solutions are worth the expense.

This report quantifies employers’ and employees’ perceptions of digital health while highlighting key area of misalignment. With 23 categories of digital health evaluated, we found that employers’ investment is often out of step with their employees’ interests and priorities, providing ample opportunities to employers looking to improve their digital health strategy.

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Report Highlights

HR & benefit leader perspectives

How employers evaluate digital health stratifying by financial business case, impact on employee satisfaction, overall health impact and employee engagement.

Employee perspectives

Employee current utilization of digital health, how employees rank health goals and their overall appetite for digital health technologies.

The employer-employee gap

How employers’ and employees’ digital health understanding, utilization and desires align and misal

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