About the Ecosystem

What is the Castlight Ecosystem?

Castlight’s Ecosystem allows employers to connect all their health, wellness, and benefits vendors, all in one place. Our open architecture allows integration with any third-party vendor, including Castlight Ecosystem Partners, non-Partners, and homegrown programs, allowing the Castlight platform to grow and evolve over time with employer needs.

What makes Castlight’s ecosystem unique?

Ecosystem Partners include a curated selection of innovative technology, ranging from 
solutions that help employees stay healthy, manage conditions, and access care.

Our team of experts make it as easy as humanly possible to evaluate and purchase new 
vendors and continue to support through the lifetime of the program—from implementation 
to account management and reporting.

Simplified Procurement

Purchase multiple vendors on a single contract and pay for them on a single bill

Deep, Engaging Integrations

Leverage third-party data for reporting, behavior-based incentives, & personalization that gets (and keeps) users engaged

Open Architecture

Connect with nearly any vendor for a seamless experience that can grow and evolve with the needs of your population

All-in-One Administration

One single point of contact for consultative vendor selection support, account management, reporting, and 
tier 1 user support

Three ways to buy

Castlight’s Ecosystem makes procurement easy. You can either choose a curated package of complementary programs through our Starter Pack or Whole Person Pack, or pick Preferred Partners a la carte (yes, Castlight 
can help with selection).

Starter Pack

Get a great baseline across your population and offer employees digital coaching with the Starter Pack including: Castlight’s own Health Assessment and 2Morrow Digital Coaching (includes smoking cessation, stress, weight management, and pain management)

Whole Person Pack

Offer a bundle of solutions that meet employees holistic health and wellbeing needs, including stress and resilience coaching and financial wellness support through the Whole Person Pack including: meQuilibrium and Enrich.

A la carte

Mix and match solutions based on your benefits strategy and the unique needs 
of your population and. Need help? Castlight offers a comprehensive workshop to support benefits leaders 
in building their ecosystem strategy including quantitative category and partner selection, launch cadence, and 3-year roadmap recommendations.

Learn More about Castlight’s Ecosystem

Castlight’s Ecosystem connects employer health, wellness and benefits vendor needs, all in one place.

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