May 3, 2022

2022 Castlight Workforce Health Index: Medical Spend Trends and Health of the Commercially-Insured Population

During the early months of the pandemic, millions of Americans deferred crucial health and wellbeing services—including care for chronic conditions and various preventive screenings—and the demand for behavioral health services continued increasing drastically.

In our 2022 Workforce Health Index, we dive into commercial medical spend from 2018 through 2021, plus projections for 2022, for telemedicine, preventive care, behavioral health (including for teens and children), elective care, and more. We also examine how healthcare spend varies by income and racial makeup. Additionally, the report explores how employer investments in health and wellbeing programs have grown to support the ever-evolving needs of their workforce.

We analyzed 160 million medical claims, employer investments in digital programs, data from our Ecosystem partners, and responses to Castlight’s health risk assessment. (Castlight’s proprietary health risk assessment is a set of questions designed to elicit a member’s health goals, their self-reported health status related to those goals, and their stage of readiness to address them.) We hope these data-driven insights help inform employers’ benefit strategies and, ultimately, build a productive, engaged, and healthy workforce.

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