November 10, 2015

Costliest city of the week: Los Angeles

We’re kicking off November with Los Angeles as our featured costliest city of the week.

In the City of Angels, you’ll find the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and bumper-to-bumper traffic. As you might suspect, you won’t find particularly cheap prices for common procedures.

Costliest procedure: A lower back MRI. Out of our top 30 cities, Tinseltown clocks in as the 9th priciest ($1,710) for this procedure.

Curious fact: LA has the third widest price range for a mammogram. Angelenos can pay anywhere from $86 to $954 for this standard preventive measure – an 11x difference!

Want more? Explore our Costliest Cities Map to find out how healthcare costs add up in your city.

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