November 25, 2015

Costliest city of the week: Philadelphia

Thanksgiving is just about here, and it’s time for our next costliest city of the week: Philadelphia.

Philly is famous for it’s rich history and tradition, whether you’re talking about Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, or cheesesteaks (is it just us, or do these sound particularly scrumptious right about now?). We checked in to see what America’s 6th largest metro area’s record is when it comes to being able to afford common medical procedures.

Costliest procedure: Out of our top 30 cities, The Cradle of Liberty “chimes” in as the 10th priciest for a lipid panel (average price is $63).

Curious fact: Philadelphia comes in 2nd for the least costly lower back MRIPhiladelphians typically pay an average of $1,022 for this scan.

Costliest City: Philadelphia

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