December 2, 2015

Costliest city of the week: Washington, DC

It’s the middle of the week and Washington, DC is up as our featured costliest city.

The District needs no introduction – it’s a city whose lifeblood is steeped in American history and politics. Plus, the abundance of cherry blossoms in the springtime makes the city feel magical (there’s even an annual national festival in April)!

In the spirit of our Costliest Cities blog series, we took the initiative and “checked” whether prices for common healthcare services were as “balanced” as our three branches of government. The results? Keep reading to find out!

Costliest procedure: Mammogram. DC is the 5th most expensive city in the country for this vital preventive procedure, coming in at $390 on average.

Curious fact: The Beltway has the widest price range for a CT scan of the head/brain. Washingtonians can pay anywhere from $78 to $1,673– a 21x difference!

Costliest City: Washington DC

But enough from us; now it’s your turn. We invite you to explore our Costliest Cities Map and discover how healthcare costs add up in your city!

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