December 12, 2018

Keeping healthcare personal: Castlight users share their journey to health

At Castlight, the best way to measure if we’re delivering on our promise to help individuals navigate the healthcare space is to hear directly from employees who are using the platform. Whether we helped an employee identify the right doctor in their area, reminded them to sign up for an employer’s telehealth service, or, quite simply, became their go-to app for checking their insurance card or deductible, we value hearing from users about their experience with our platform.

Our health navigation platform connects with hundreds of vendors, benefits resources, and plan designs to help guide individuals to the best resources available to them. Each individual is on their own, unique, health journey, and it’s our goal to help each person along the way. But don’t just take our word, we chatted with four individuals and how Castlight has impacted their health journeys.

Take, for instance, Priscilla Jackson, who recently found a new, high-quality primary care doctor quickly through the Castlight platform and frequently checks it for information on her prescriptions.

Or, Katherine Hanniford, who feels better knowing she can use Castlight to organize all of her complicated health care services and to search for, compare, and identify the best providers for herself and her husband.

Then there’s Tammy Wilkes and Barbara Norvell who have been motivated and incentivized by Castlight’s wellbeing solution to stick with healthy habits such as sleep, activity, and dietary tracking.

Stories like these are what keep us motivated to achieve our mission. We look forward to hearing from more users as Castlight continues to help more employees, and their families, navigate healthcare.

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