October 11, 2019

Customer Advisory Board 2019: Renewed Customer Commitments

We say it again and again, Castlight’s customers are one of our biggest assets. Every year we convene a group of large employer customers for our Customer Advisory Board meeting–an amazing experience where cross-pollination and co-innovation happen as a result.

This year’s event in Park City was no different, as it was filled with great dialogue across a group of employers, with a strong focus on our renewed customer commitments–to collaborate and co-innovate, to treat everyday like day one, and to be customer-obsessed.

In order to collaborate and co-innovate with our customers, we strive towards continuous enhancements to our product and operational stability–since it is only when we’ve proven the value of our products that we can earn the trust of our customers to co-innovate.

We deployed our health navigation platform, Castlight Complete, at the beginning of the year and have been able to share with our customers that we are achieving strong early results in driving users to the right care at the right time. For example, our Castlight Complete customers are benefiting from lower emergency room utilization, plus reduced lab test and MRI spend for Castlight users versus non-users. Additionally, Castlight recognizes that medical cost savings is a foundational element to evaluating the success of our product, and therefore offers customers a return on investment guarantee to provide our customers with confidence in our commitments.

How do we treat everyday like day one, and why does this matter to our customers? To do so means that we are continually energized around a long-term, shared vision that is aligned with our customers’ needs for their employees. For that reason, we can never stop learning, and will continue to find new ways to deliver value.

At our event, this culminated in a great discussion with customers around our product roadmap and areas of focus, with excellent feedback on our future areas of innovation. While we are already seeing strong results in our product, we will continue to optimize and add new features and functionality to improve the user experience and capabilities. Care guidance, for example, is a critical component, and connecting with care is about to get easier and more convenient by enabling appointment scheduling straight from the platform. Additionally, to help users stay engaged in their personal wellbeing and motivated to reach their goals, there will be new challenges and incentives, along with an updated Rewards Center added to the platform.

Lastly, we will continue to be customer-obsessed, because our customers are our lifeblood and we ultimately share the same goal: make it easy for users to navigate their benefits and enable them to manage their health.

Because of this, the second day of our Customer Advisory Board was dedicated to a product design workshop, which was a great opportunity to collaborate and incorporate customer insights, to improve the user experience, and to understand customer needs and barriers. Additionally, we are currently building out our Customer Center of Excellence, enabling improved collaboration across our customer support teams and further demonstrating our commitment to our more than 260 customers.

We are honored to have the opportunity to gather our customers each year. The feedback we receive is critically important as we establish our ongoing roadmap, and helps us stay true to our mission to help make healthcare easier to navigate for our users.

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