August 19, 2019

Resolving Towards Resilience: Managing Stress to Increase Engagement

It’s a well-known reality for employers: employees are all too often feeling stressed, both from pressures at home and in the workplace. Yet having resilience and the ability to manage stress is linked to job satisfaction, increased engagement, and improved productivity, benefiting the employees themselves and the overall wellbeing of the workplace.

As an employer, how do you find these resilient employees? The truth is: you already have them. Resilience and agility, like anything else, are skills that can be learned and strengthened with some manageable effort and the right tools.

Castlight supports employers with a number of health and wellness initiatives across our expansive network of integrated ecosystem partners. Our partner meQuilibrium is the only clinically-validated resilience platform leveraging behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and analytics to deliver transformative insights that change lives and businesses. Focused on helping people improve their lives, meQuilibrium has observed a few key elements that can lead to increased resilience and agility for your employees:

  1. Understand Your Whole Population: Through insightful and easy-to-use reporting, employers can understand their population’s resilience levels across a variety of factors, track adoption and engagement trends, and identify areas of improvements over time on an aggregate level–while keeping employee-level data private and anonymous. By reviewing these reports, it’s easy to identify key themes throughout your employee population as well as insights on how to best engage them. With users who have accessed meQuilibrium through Castlight, for example, we have found higher rates of engagement when accessing via the mobile app–with averages of 36.6 minutes of engagements compared to 17.3 minutes per user for non-mobile users. Given these results, we might choose to promote the use of the mobile app to help this population gain more from their experience.
  2. One Size Does Not Fit All: While there will be key themes throughout your employee population, this also needs to be balanced with the fact that each employee is different. As such, it is important to evaluate each employee’s unique starting place. meQuilibrium’s online assessment consists of a quick question set which measures a person’s resilience and pinpoints their sources of stress. Some employees might be facing stressors in their family life, some might have hard-to-manage health conditions, and others might be experiencing challenging demands in the office. Everyone has unique experiences and personality traits, and meQuilibrium assesses each participant to develop their individual profile.
  3. Personalized Training = Personal Improvement: By starting with a personal assessment for each employee, meQuilibrium is able to match employees with a tailored journey consisting of uniquely relevant skills that need development. Castlight customers who have deployed meQuilibrium have noted improvements across a number of engagement, performance, and self-care factors. Most notably, this population of users has benefited from improvements across the following factors: Sense of Pressure (also known as Stress Management) improved by 51.1%, Peace of Mind (also known as Emotion Control) by 17.8%, Physical Activity by 14.8%, and Work-Life Balance by 12.3%.

Leveraging a diverse network of ecosystem partners, Castlight arms employers with a user-friendly health navigation platform that provides employees with the health and wellness resources they need to manage their health journey. Through meQuilibrium’s clinically validated, science-based tools, employers can help employees improve their own resilience, agility, and emotional intelligence—and ultimately create a more productive workplace.

Click here to learn more about the ecosystem partners available to employers through Castlight’s health navigation platform.

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