January 5, 2018

How 2Morrow is Helping Employees Quit Smoking via Mobile Devices

Many of today’s biggest health problems are caused by our own doing. Whether we neglect proper nutrition, let stress get the best of us, or turn to smoking, we often make choices that negatively impact our health.

Enter 2Morrow. 2Morrow is a digital therapeutic company that specializes in addressing the behavioral causes of chronic disease. Focusing on weight, stress, smoking, and chronic pain, 2Morrow aims to create scalable programs that help employees manage their health from their smartphones.

In particular and featured in the Castlight ecosystem, 2Morrow offers an evidence-based smoking cessation program delivered completely via mobile app. Shown effective in two clinical trials, participants who complete this program are 6 times more likely to quit than those who try on their own.

We recently sat down with Jo Masterson, the COO and Co-Founder of 2Morrow, to get a better understanding of 2Morrow, the company mission, as well as the problems it aims to solve.

Tell us a bit about 2Morrow.

2Morrow is a digital therapeutic company that specializes in behavioral causes of chronic disease. We’re looking at weight, stress, smoking, chronic pain– those types of things that drive up healthcare costs and cause a lot of suffering. In particular, we have a smoking cessation program that helps employees quit smoking at their own time and in their own way from their own smartphones.

What’s 2Morrow’s mission?

At 2Morrow, our mission is to expand access to evidence-based programs. We do that by delivering programs via the smartphone. We believe in non-judgemental programs that treat people as though there is nothing wrong with them, meeting them on their own terms. We’re trying to deliver evidence-based healthcare into the hands of everyone.

What problems does 2Morrow solve?

The biggest problem we’re addressing is access. People don’t have access to evidence-based behavioral health. Most people in today’s world don’t have access to a coach, therapist, or psychologist and yet most of our healthcare costs are driven by our own behaviors. The smartphone gives us the power to put these things into everyone’s hands at an affordable cost using evidence-based solutions that we know work.

What makes 2Morrow different from other smoking cessation solutions?

There are a number of smoking cessation programs out there, but 2Morrow is best-in-class because it develops a customized program for each participant, that then supplies short lessons and helps practice new ways to deal with the urge to smoke. Participants have access to tools, tips and customized messages for a full year. They can even message a coach if they need more help.

Why are people excited about what 2Morrow offers?

Employers are excited to reach people they’ve never been able to reach before. They’re also excited for the data that we’ll give them access to, data that can help them make better decisions for their employees.

Our end users are employees, and they’re excited about the program because they’re able to move through it at their own pace and focus on the things they really care about. The program is there, at their convenience, when they want it. In addition, our programs are extremely non-judgemental. We design the program with the belief that people are fine the way they are.

What’s it been like working with Castlight?

2morrow has been in the space for about 6 years now. When we first began working with Castlight, we had some clinical trials and early customers. We already had our smoking cessation in market. Castlight was focused on evidence-based, credible programs, and it was a natural partnership. Since we began our partnership, we’ve started to roll out not only smoking but stress and anxiety programs, as well. We’ll be working on addiction next.

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