October 19, 2018

InfoTech’s Wellness Checkpoint Health Risk Assessment is Changing the Way Companies Think About Employee Wellness

Available in over 26 languages and covering a comprehensive range of work and life issues, InfoTech’s Wellness Checkpoint® Health Risk Assessment has been one of the leading health and wellness tools for global employers since 1990.

Today, the Wellness Checkpoint is a mobile-friendly resource that engages users through a dynamic experience, providing thorough reports that employers can use to help their employees lead healthier, happier lives.

For the user, Wellness Checkpoint provides insights by covering core questions that center on lifestyle, biometrics, current health condition and health history . These questions help determine both current risk factors and long-range risk exposure, and allow Wellness Checkpoint to provide tailored recommendations for improving health and well-being. Optional modules cover additional risk factors such as depression screening, sleep & fatigue, productivity loss, financial well-being, resilience balance and work limitations.

We recently sat down with Mike Hicks, Chief Operating Officer at InfoTech Inc., about the global outreach of Wellness Checkpoint® and how it is used by performance-driven companies to manage business risk and enhance the health, well-being and productivity of their employees and their business.

Hicks told us about the Wellness Checkpoint’s global appeal – including service across five continents – and how the its recent relationship with Castlight has helped integrate these solutions for large companies looking for insights.

Can you tell us about how Wellness Checkpoint began?

InfoTech was founded in 1984 in Winnipeg, Canada, by Zorianna Hyworon. She’s guided Wellness Checkpoint starting from its first launch in 1990 and has served as President and CEO since then.

The initial goal for Wellness Checkpoint was to develop an electronic tool that could be used as the foundation for a corporation’s entire employee well-being strategy. The key insights we generated could then be used to engage with both the company and the employees, generating superior insights about wellbeing and health while making key recommendations for the proper changes.

What did Wellness Checkpoint offer that other tools didn’t?

Back when InfoTech first launched it, there weren’t a lot of tools available to employers. The forward-thinking employers at the time knew that the health and well-being of their employees was a vital part of their operations. But they didn’t have the resources they needed to gain actionable insights. While there were certainly providers such as fitness programs and onsite clinics, employers wanted more. They needed genuine insights into what was going on with their employees so they could provide a targeted rather than a generalized approach.

We also provide a unique global outreach. We’re in 26 languages, an additional 8 regional variants, and helping companies in over 120 countries. Just as we’ve evolved, so have the solutions we offer. For each of our clients, they’ll gain insights into key health metrics, risk management, and even how their company performs relative to benchmarks in their industry.

How does Wellness Checkpoint offer these insights?

It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” solution, even though it can be applied to large employee populations with ease. The first goal is to create a respectful conversation with users about their health. Engagement is the key.

From there, our questionnaire generates a Results Dashboard that reports on the user’s overall Wellness Risk Rating, as well as ratings for each risk category. The Dashboard also contains helpful tips and information as well as links to available resources and information for future action.

How have your customers responded to the Wellness Checkpoint?

Very positively. Maybe the best testament is that we’ve worked with several large, multinational employers for 20 or more years. They wouldn’t keep returning to the Wellness Checkpoint unless they saw the benefits on a consistent basis.

Maybe our most consistent feedback is that we help companies look at the health of their employees as a real business asset. It’s not a vague variable. Over the past 25+ years, our tool has evolved from the standard health and wellness risk assessment into areas that are vital to employers from a productivity standpoint, including stress, depression and sleep and fatigue. Employee health and wellness isn’t just “nice to have.” It’s a vital business asset.

Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with Castlight?

When we first started talking to Castlight about a partnership, we’d already been in business for quite a while. But we wanted to keep up with the evolution we see in our space. Employers need more than just an assessment. They don’t want “stand-alone” solutions. They want integrated, flexible solutions, measuring more than just the physical health of an employee.

Castlight understood that. They knew the challenges, including that our international appeal means multilingual solutions and culturally sensitive integrations. Castlight was there for us every step of the way, with great people who have been both easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable about what they do.



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