October 23, 2019

Workforce Strategy Recap: Improving the Employee Experience with Castlight Complete

Another year at the National Business Group on Health® Workforce Strategy meant time well spent with employer visionaries sharing the latest and greatest on all aspects of employee health and wellbeing. At this year’s event in San Diego, our customer AT&T joined the panel, “From Physical Health to Financial Wealth (And All the Dimensions in Between): Helping Employees Flourish with the Guiding Hand of Well-Being Platforms.”

Ben Jackson, Assistant Vice President of Health & Welfare Operations at AT&T, joined HR leaders from Stanford Children’s Care, Micron, and Eaton Corporation to share how they are improving the employee experience leveraging a wide array of health and wellbeing benefits. This included diving into the platforms they are using, exploring how data is used to create a personalized experience for employees, and reflecting on the impact the platform is having on engagement.

While each company had their own reasons for deciding to leverage different platforms, similar goals emerged as themes in the session: engaging employees across a diverse workforce, creating a tailored benefits experience for employees, and providing streamlined, simpler navigation with easier access to health and wellness programs.

During the session, Ben Jackson shed light on AT&T’s experience with Castlight Complete, addressing Employee Engagement, Personalization, and providing a One-Stop Shop for benefits.

Employee Engagement: Across AT&T’s 230,000 employees, they saw a 40% spike in registration for existing wellness programs–just from making them more easily accessible through Complete.

Personalization: AT&T had a number of medically unnecessary back surgeries stemming from back pain across their employee population. To solve for this and make sure their employees can receive the right care, AT&T co-developed predictive personalization for that population with Castlight. The Castlight personalization engine sources its data from claims, searches, and other user input to the platform to drive tailored outreach that provides employees with appropriate recommendations and guidance for care. These efforts have proved successful, reflected in the overall reduction of medical costs for musculoskeletal health.

One-Stop Shop: One of the 11 point solutions AT&T has turned on within Complete is Quest Diagnostics for biometric screening. While they had a relationship for years, it was previously outside of the Castlight ecosystem–an integrated, centralized hub for employer programs and Castlight partners, including a variety of health and wellness resources such as Quest. By accessing Quest via Castlight, the platform can leverage insights from the screening to inform its personalized recommendations for employees. As Jackson explained, all platforms are effective for different goals, but with Castlight Complete’s holistic functionality, employees have everything in one place–care guidance, benefits and deductible information, provider search tools, wellbeing resources. AT&T employees even have access to Fidelity financial resources through the platform, providing a one-stop shop for all benefits.

As was the case with the employers in this panel, it’s important to start with a vision for the future state of your employee benefits strategy before determining how a digital health platform can improve the benefits experience for employees. Castlight is honored to support our customers with their benefits strategies to drive increased employee engagement, personalized recommendations for improved outcomes, and a streamlined benefit experience for simpler navigation.

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