Castlight Health Expands Enterprise Healthcare Cloud With Grand Rounds Partnership

June 17, 2014

Grand Rounds’ Outcomes Management Platform, including Expert Opinions, Available To Enterprises Through Castlight Connect

SAN FRANCISCO June 17, 2014 – Castlight Health®, a pioneer in the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud, has expanded its technology platform through a partnership with Grand Rounds, a healthcare leader that delivers world-class outcomes to patients by connecting them with the top medical specialists in the country. Grand Rounds’ Outcomes Management platform is now available via Castlight to mutual enterprise customers.

Castlight empowers large businesses to manage healthcare spending and enables employees and their families to make informed choices with a clear understanding of costs and likely outcomes. Grand Rounds helps ensure that top physicians in the country are accessible to everyone, anywhere – delivering better diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes to patients when they need it most. Grand Rounds Opinions is a service that provides employees expert medical guidance through a “virtual clinic.”

For example, an employee looking for an orthopedics specialist can use Castlight to search and discover providers in their insurance network, using their merit data: cost, quality, and outcomes. If the specialist ends up delivering a serious diagnosis, the patient can opt to access Grand Rounds to have his or her case reviewed by one of the top orthopedic experts in the country. Grand Rounds would identify an expert, then digitize the patient’s records and upload them to the Grand Rounds “virtual clinic” – allowing the physician to review the case and provide an expert opinion within a matter of days. Prior to this partnership, the employee would have to conduct extensive research to select the right provider for their condition, struggle with the frustrating process of collecting medical records, and often wait weeks for an appointment.

“Top quality medical care shouldn’t be reserved only for the wealthy; it should be available to everyone, no matter where they are in their healthcare cycle,” said Owen Tripp, CEO of Grand Rounds. “By ensuring that anyone, anywhere, has the ability to see a medical specialist regardless of geography, Grand Rounds is able to save time, money, and lives. Castlight can help us accelerate our already-rapid growth and support our mission to deliver positive healthcare outcomes to patients worldwide.”

Castlight Connect Mobilizes the Healthcare Ecosystem

Castlight enables integrations with partners like Grand Rounds through the Castlight Connect Solution Center, one of four Solution Centers that comprise the Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud.

These third-party integrations enable employees to discover and access services such as telehealth providers, Health Savings Account providers, on-site clinic providers, and other expert opinion services. Castlight Connect also has integrations with advocacy services, wellness solutions, decision support applications, and appointment scheduling solutions. Deploying this Castlight Solution Center empowers businesses to move away from a fragmented set of underutilized vendor programs to providing a “one-stop shop” for employees. Employees can then better take advantage of these resources when they need them, thereby increasing the programs’ value to the employee and return on investment to the employer.

“Our work with Grand Rounds demonstrates Castlight’s commitment to ensuring our customers – large businesses – can leverage the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud as a hub for presenting their roster of health and wellness partners to their employees. Castlight can help identify relevant employees and then engage them with partners like Grand Rounds,” said Maeve O’Meara, vice president of Product Management for Castlight Health.

About Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is an Outcomes Management platform that delivers the best healthcare outcomes for employees at the lowest possible cost to employers. It does this by providing an end-to-end solution that connects patients with highly specialized care informed by latest best practices – preventing complications, multiple surgeries, and failed treatments. Grand Rounds helps get employees back to work faster, while employers reap the benefits of lower medical costs and higher employee productivity. For more information visit

About the Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud

The Enterprise Healthcare Cloud is a set of cloud-based applications delivered via a SaaS – or software as a service – model through a web browser or mobile device. The Enterprise Healthcare Cloud has four Solution Centers: Insights, Controls, Connect, and Care and is powered by the Castlight Platform and the Castlight Data Interchange. For more information on the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud visit

About Castlight Health

Castlight Health, Inc. (NYSE: CSLT) believes great healthcare builds great business. The Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud enables employers to deliver cost-effective benefits, provides medical professionals and health plans a merit-based market to showcase their services, and – most importantly – empowers employees to make informed choices with a clear understanding of costs and likely outcomes. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and Like us on Facebook. Source: Castlight Health.


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