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Aerospace Leader

A major aerospace manufacturer relies on its exceptional engineering team to design and build innovative systems, solutions, and critical infrastructure for aviation, defense, and rail applications. To attract the most talented professionals, the company offers an outstanding compensation and benefits package. Unfortunately, at most large organizations, employees often aren’t aware of the many benefits programs and services that are available to them. And when they are, they may not fully understand how or when it’s best to use them.


  • Take a more proactive and personalized approach to ensure that employees were making better healthcare decisions.
  • Guide people—such as those with diabetes, back issues, or in need of preventive care—to the right services at the right time, and encouraging greater utilization of the company’s excellent health and wellness programs and services.


  • Expand Castlight to include personalization capabilities that introduce highly personalized, timely, and relevant nudges to employees when they need it the most.
  • Provide an easy, engaging dashboard for the firm’s benefits team to use to quickly see how many targeted employees are engaged with specific programs or services.
  • Leverage helpful, attention-grabbing educational content to better reach employees.




of employees registered with Castlight



searches conducted in Castlight since launch



lower medical spend trend year-over-year



healthcare cost avoidance

We chose Castlight because it allows us to personalize messaging and content to groups of employees with specific needs at the moment that’s most relevant for them. In this way, we can connect our employees with the appropriate programs, services, or types of care they might need—when they need it.

Senior Benefits Analyst
Aerospace Leader

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