ArcBest: Drives employee health and wellness with one year of Castlight Complete

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Over the past 7 years, ArcBest, a leading logistics company based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, has completely transformed their approach to health and wellness. They have done so by treating it as a supply-chain challenge, taking a data-driven approach to examine each step of care reaching their 8,500 covered lives.

After deploying many initiatives to improve health and wellness at ArcBest—from on-site clinics to telehealth—costs began to improve significantly. But ArcBest had a new challenge: getting employees to engage with relevant programs and care.


  • Bring together disparate benefit program information.
  • Provide employees with the right information for their individual needs.
  • Encourage engagement with relevant benefit programs.


To bring ArcBest’s healthcare information and benefit programs into one place, ArcBest implemented Castlight. Offering a health navigation platform that enhanced their benefits strategy was imperative and integral for their employees to have the right tools and resources to guide them to relevant, cost-effective care and programs. Castlight simplified access to all benefits and amplified their existing benefits investments and strategy. Employees can use Castlight to search for care, see recommendations for relevant benefit programs, such as a second opinion program, understand claims, and see where they are in their deductible.




of employees registered



employee monthly average users



searches to find care and programs

I find the ease of use coupled with the amount of information at my fingertips has made this Castlight app my go to concerning anything with my wellness here at ArcBest. I strongly recommend this app.


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