Ferguson achieves medical cost savings and engages associates with Castlight Complete

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Ferguson has grown from a commercial and residential plumbing supply company to a nationwide distributor across multiple businesses. With over 1,400 locations and more than 26,000 associates, Ferguson launched their Castlight program in 2017 and moved to Castlight Complete in 2020. Their health goals include:

  • Create a high-quality, simple benefits experience to engage associates in their health and wellbeing.
  • Use data to personalize recommendations to care and programs to help associates manage their health while also managing medical spend.


  • Boost engagement in health and wellbeing
  • Navigate associates to appropriate care
  • Drive healthy outcomes and medical cost savings for associates

Key Engagement Strategies

With a focus on engagement, Ferguson followed several best practices in engaging their associates.

For example, it’s easiest to capture attention at the start of the benefits cycle, so Ferguson opted for a “big-bang launch” — which means they promoted Complete during open enrollment.

They also executed a new incentives strategy to encourage preventive screenings. This helped give associates a snapshot of their health and a foundation to understand their health needs and goals. Other wellbeing activities were incentivized throughout the year as well, such as a company-wide steps challenge that aimed to boost social connections and physical activity.

In addition to Ferguson’s actions, the userfriendly and mobile-first nature of the Complete platform was crucial. Complete leverages email, push notifications, and in-app messages to make sure associates are reached in a way that will work for them. Through a multichannel communications approach and a mobile focus, Castlight became the communications hub for easy, effective benefit communications.

Engaged Ferguson associates receive tailored recommendations to find care and programs that meet their needs and interests. This personalized approach helps navigate members to preventive care visits. This also boosts program utilization. For example, if a member indicates one of their health goals is to “Manage My Weight,” they receive tailored recommendations to employersponsored programs like 2Morrow Weight management.




90-day return rate and 56% household registration



completed a program activity



received preventive care



medical cost savings

I love how easy [Castlight] is to use being an employee of Ferguson! The rewards are fantastic and Castlight definitely keeps me motivated to engage in further activities to keep me healthy at work as well as outside of the workplace.


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